Payday Requirements by State

Paycheck deliveredEmployers usually pay their employees bi-weekly or monthly. Their schedule is not random, however, nor is it just a matter of convention. Employee paychecks must be delivered according to each state’s per-determined timeline.

Employers cannot lawfully decide to pay employees whenever they want. They cannot make up a rule which issues checks every two months, for example. Some states don’t even allow for once per month pay checks. It is a good idea to know your state’s payday requirements so that you don’t ruffle any feathers and end up in court.

Follow this link on the Department of Labor website for a table of state payday requirements. Every state has slightly different requirements.

Is Holiday Pay Required by Law?

With the holidays just around the corner employers are thinking about how and how much to pay their employees. Often, companies offer 5 to 7 paid holidays per year. This custom has left many employers unclear on whether paying employees for holidays is actually a requirement.

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Time Tracking Integration With QuickBooks and ADP

ADP is probably the most popular payroll outsourcing option available right now. Other popular payroll services in addition to ADP include QuickBooks and Paychex. integrates with them all!

Whichever payroll company you use, we can design a file (free of charge) that can be used by your payroll processor. Whether it’s uploaded on the payroll processor’s web interface, or emailed to the person crunching the numbers, no matter if it’s a large payroll corporation or single handed operation, we make sure your payroll numbers are in the right format.

The best part is, was designed as a user-friendly time tracking service. From the start, it was meant to be an intuitive service that you and your employees interact with each day. We aren’t an ad-hoc time tracking service like most of the time tracking add-ons available through payroll providers. Ours is a feature-rich platform, designed to make it easy for you to fill your employee management needs.

If you’ve been looking for an inexpensive service that seamlessly integrates with payroll, we can help!

Store Payroll Time Records Online

Don’t shred those time sheet records!

Did you know that you are required to retain your employee’s time records for at least 3 years? After terminating an employee, the temptation might be to dispose of the records but, in fact, you must keep them.

“Each employer shall preserve for at least three years payroll records, collective bargaining agreements, sales and purchase records.” from doesn’t delete records and we’re the only time tracking service out there that allows company access to them even if you cancel service. We know these records are important and that a company might need them in case of a lawsuit so we make it easy for you to access them when you need them.

Employee Works Two Different Jobs For the Same Company

Double time clocksWhen employees work two different jobs for one employer or even for two different employers at the same job site (in many situations), the employee’s hours must be combined so that overtime can be properly calculated.

From time to time employers don’t realize that employees need to punch in on the same time clock when they work two different job types, or when they technically work for two different employers by name but spend their time doing the same job at the same job site.

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Sure Payroll integrates with just about every online payroll system out there, including ADP Payroll, but we now offer our own full-service, affordable payroll for small businesses! You will be amazed at how low our rates are compared to other national services. We are able to offer such discounted rates because we buy in bulk for all our customers. Then we pass the savings on to you.

And don’t worry about integration. You can easily integrate the full service online payroll system with your data.

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Payroll Reporting: Check Date Versus Pay Period Dates

You’ll be doing your end of year payroll reporting soon and we know this can sometimes be confusing, so we’d like to offer a tip on how to make it more accurate.

2012 Working Hours May Not Equal 2012 Payroll

The dollars you report for 2012 may not exactly mirror the number of hours worked by your employees. This is because the date the check was written is what matters for payroll reporting.

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When and How to Automate Your Business

robotThis guest post was brought to you by WePay, the easiest way to accept payments online.

I hate to speak for every business owner on the planet, but I imagine at least the majority of owners dream about having a fully automated business. That way they can focus on the fun stuff – the passion that got you into business in the first place – instead of trying to collect on a past due invoice or spend the day drumming up business on social media. Wouldn’t that be ideal?

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WePay Payment Buttons: Easy Alternative to PayPal

Example of the WePay Payment Button in Action

Ever have a freelancing client who pays on time until she suddenly doesn’t? Of course you have. We all have.

A month’s worth of text messages between me and a particularly slow paying client can be distilled into this:

Client: I’m going to pay you, but instead of wasting your time by paying in installments, I’m trying to get all the money together at once.
Me: No, really, that’s fine. I love being paid in installments.
Client: Well, do you take credit cards?
Me: I have a credit card reader and can take a credit card in person.
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