Paying Employees After Natural Disasters

Hurricane Sandy displaced up to 40,000 people from their homes and affected great numbers of small business owners and their employees as well. The damage will, unfortunately, run many businesses out but most will simply miss a few days or weeks of regular business due to power outages and cleanup.

So what about compensation during this time? Do employees still get paid while they wait for the business to open up? And what about employees who were themselves affected by the storm and require time off to care for their own injuries or homes?

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Should Employees Get Paid For Missing Work In Bad Weather?

This week, all across the country freezing temperatures reaching as low as 16 below zero, ice storms, and blizzards are shutting down school districts and businesses. Thousands of employees are missing work. Employees and managers alike are wondering if they should be getting paid while they’re out building snowmen and drinking hot chocolate.The answer is, it depends.

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