Is Holiday Pay Required by Law?

Holidays vector imageWhenever a holiday rolls around employers start thinking about how and how much to pay their employees and whether it’s mandatory to pay them at all. Many companies offer 5 to 10 paid holidays per year. This custom has left many employers unclear on whether paying employees for holidays is actually a requirement.
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Business Math Series: Calculating Vacation Time Based on Hours Worked

There are a lot of ways to offer accruals to your employees. Probably the most common is to give them their whole lump sum at the beginning of the year or anniversary date. But there are other ways to calculate accruals too.

For employees who may not be long termers you can add time to their bank on a monthly or biweekly basis. Or, if you just like being super accurate, you can add time based on the actual number of hours they work.
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How Much Vacation Time Should Employees Get?

People need to take short breaks during the day to recharge. Likewise, we need longer ones during the year to recharge on an even deeper level. That’s where vacations come in. Vacations are just as important as the lunch break and two fifteens.

HR Tools analyzed vacation and productivity in a recent article saying,

“The most productive, successful employees are typically those that utilize their vacation time and return to the office with a renewed sense of drive and determination.”

This isn’t really news to most people. We all know how we feel when we go too long without a break. But I reiterate the point because it makes a noticeable difference in the way we feel and in the way we perform.

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Should Employees Get Paid For Missing Work In Bad Weather?

This week, all across the country freezing temperatures reaching as low as 16 below zero, ice storms, and blizzards are shutting down school districts and businesses. Thousands of employees are missing work. Employees and managers alike are wondering if they should be getting paid while they’re out building snowmen and drinking hot chocolate.The answer is, it depends.

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