Time Tracking Integration With QuickBooks and ADP

ADP is probably the most popular payroll outsourcing option available right now. Other popular payroll services in addition to ADP include QuickBooks and Paychex.

Timesheets.com integrates with them all!

Whichever payroll company you use, we can design a file (free of charge) that can be used by your payroll processor. Whether it’s uploaded on the payroll processor’s web interface, or emailed to the person crunching the numbers, no matter if it’s a large payroll corporation or single handed operation, we make sure your payroll numbers are in the right format.

The best part is, Timesheets.com was designed as a user-friendly time tracking service. From the start, it was meant to be an intuitive service that you and your employees interact with each day. We aren’t an ad-hoc time tracking service like most of the time tracking add-ons available through payroll providers. Ours is a feature-rich platform, designed to make it easy for you to fill your employee management needs.

If you’ve been looking for an inexpensive service that seamlessly integrates with payroll, we can help!

Timesheets.com Offers Payroll!

Sure Payroll LogoTimesheets.com integrates with just about every online payroll system out there, including ADP Payroll, but we now offer our own full-service, affordable payroll for small businesses! You will be amazed at how low our rates are compared to other national services. We are able to offer such discounted rates because we buy in bulk for all our customers. Then we pass the savings on to you.

And don’t worry about integration. You can easily integrate the full service online payroll system with your Timesheets.com data.

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Timekeeping Records – Department of Labor Laws

Every company needs some kind of time tracking system – be it antiquated paper timesheets or sophisticated web-based applications – in order to know how many hours to pay their employees. But time sheet documents have another very important role: they can keep you out of trouble if ever they are subpoenaed.

The Federal Government defines specific record keeping regulations.

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Congress Proposes New Bill to Combat Payroll Fraud

A new bill called the Payroll Fraud Prevention Act (full bill can be viewed here) seeks to more heavily punish employers who misclassify employees as independent contractors. The bill is designed to both educate workers as well as efficiently identify and persecute violating employers.If the bill is passed, the Department of Labor will be responsible for creating an educational website for employees where they can learn about the difference between employees and independent contractors. The website will also contain contact information for persecuting offending businesses. The bill’s sponsors claim that misclassification is a form of payroll fraud and that it is a way for businesses to evade employment taxes.

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A Timeclock Service for Outsourcing Agencies

Timesheets.com directly serves thousands of small businesses across the country but it also serves agencies who need to provide their own small business clients with a timeclock solution.
Payroll companies, Human Resources outsourcing firms, and Staffing agencies all have a need to offer time & attendance solutions to their clients in order to maintain their roll as full service agencies. Rather than sending their clients off into deep waters to fend for their own timekeeping needs, these companies come to us to set up a time tracking account for their clients.

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Why I’m a Stickler For Closing Payroll

Many of you are probably wondering why I am so insistent about archiving timesheet hours or, as we call it, Closing Payroll. You’re wondering if I’m trying to sell you something. I am most definitely NOT. We don’t believe in pushing extra features. If you need them you need them, if you don’t you don’t. That said, Closing Payroll isn’t even an extra feature – it’s a report, and you can run all the reports you want, free.

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Use Timesheets to Estimate Payroll

Monitoring estimated payroll throughout the pay period is important to many small business owners. Seeing that your employees are working the hours required to get the job done is essential for peace of mind. You can do this and more with Timesheets.com! There are several other situations in which employers must closely monitor accumulated hours: