Vacation Payout in California is Mandatory but Offering Vacation Isn’t

This might sound contradictory at first. Why would you have to pay out vacation if you don’t even have to offer vacation to begin with?

The answer is that if you choose to offer vacation, you have to follow some rules. You don’t actually have to offer vacation in California at all if you don’t want to (although, it is a perk that employees find desirable so maybe you should!) but if you do decide to implement some vacation benefits, you’ve got to stick to it till the end.

Here’s why:

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Software Questions and Answers is powerful time tracking software that can help improve employee productivity, reduce overtime, reduce payroll errors, and ultimately lead to a more productive and less costly workforce. Here are some common questions I hear from our customers:

  1. What kinds of settings do you have in place to control overtime?
  2. If I elect to use the photo timestamp, how do I know if my employees are not clocking in from their laptop somewhere?
  3. If I don’t want my employees to carry their sick and vacation time into the next year, what do I do?
  4. There are two kinds of breaks here, what’s the difference?
  5. How do I know which overtime setting to use, weekly or daily?
  6. What exactly are account codes?
  7. I have all these hours on a couple of employee’s time cards that won’t clear when I run payroll. What’s going on?
  8. What do I do if my employees won’t clock in or out?
  9. Can I make a private announcement to a single employee?
  10. What do my employees see when they log in?

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