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Privacy & Disclaimer

by Peggy Emch

Timesheets.com Privacy Statement

Timesheets.com respects our customer, blog participants and our demo account holder’s right to privacy.

Links to External Web Sites

Timesheets.com contains links to other web sites for the purpose of providing convenient and useful information to our customers and/orvisitors. Timesheets.com is not responsible for the content of those web sites, the reliability or security of those web sites, the privacy practices of those web sites, or any other utilization by user or owner of the content of or information procured by those web sites. It is urged that you review the privacy statements of those web sites prior to your utilization of them.

Email Addresses and Your Privacy

Timesheets.com regards your email address as private information to be used only by Timesheets.com. Timesheets.com will only use your email address to communicate with you regarding issues concerning your account or information about our products and services. Timesheets.com will not transfer, sell, rent, trade or otherwise disclose your email address to any other organization or entity.

Protecting Personal information

Timesheets.com protects your employee’s personal information in the best way possible: by not asking for it. Other than the names and titles of each of your employees utilizing this website, Timesheets.com does not require nor solicit the address, the social security number, the bank account numbers or any other information about any of your employees. You may elect to enter some personal information into your Timesheets.com account, but entering personal information beyond an employee’s name and title is completely optional. At any time, you may log into your Timesheets.com account and update or remove any personal information you have entered. To the extent any such information is provided, Timesheets.com will use it exclusively for the purpose of providing you the services outlined in the web site. Timesheets.com does not sell, rent, trade or otherwise disclose personal information to any other organization or entity.

Updates to Our Privacy Statement

Timesheets.com reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time. Use of this web site constitutes acknowledgement that you have read and understand this Privacy Statement and approve all of its terms as the exist at the time of your more recent use of the web site. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy statement.

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