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How We Keep Your Data Secure

by Peggy Emch

Your time sheet data is valuable and, needless to say, you don’t want anything to happen to it. At Timesheets.com we understand this, and so we take extra care to keep it safe.

The following are six different features that help keep your data secure.

1. SSL – Encrypted Data Transfer

We use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol for all communications between our servers and your computer. SSL uses a cryptographic system to encrypt data that is sent between computers so that virtually no one (except maybe the next cryptographic genius that hasn’t been born yet) can intercept your sensitive information. Each and every contact you make with our website is encrypted and secure. You know you are on a website using SSL when the http is followed by an s.

2. Financial Data

The rates at which you bill your customers for projects and the pay rates for your employees should be private. That’s why all data concerning finances are hidden from the employee’s view. Supervisors can optionally be granted access to this sensitive information on the Supervisor Settings page.

Regular employees, on the other hand, have no access and will never be able to view bill rates or pay rates, not even their own.

3. User Data

Each user’s data such as timecard punches and expenses cannot be viewed or edited by other employees. Each user’s profile contains only his own personal information. Some data, such as an individual employee’s settings and HR documents are concealed even from the employee himself. Supervisors can optionally be granted access to view and/or edit other employees from within the Supervisor Settings page.

4. Session Timeout

If users don’t deliberately log out of their account, the system defaults to automatically log them out (like a bank website does). If the computer is private, you can set the system to never log out automatically by visiting the Page Options link in the upper right hand corner of every internal page. Here you will also find the option to expand the page to fit the size of your monitor.

5. Protected Data

We protect our data with firewalls, backups in multiple locations, and other electronic measures. We don’t store sensitive payment data such as credit card numbers on our servers.

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