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How To Make a Great How-To Video

by Peggy Emch

Small business owners make how-to videos to demo their products. Artisans make them to show off their skills. And lay people make how-to videos out of a passion for sharing their knowledge. But before you break out the camcorder, take a moment to read the following tips.

A little preparation can mean the difference between a mediocre how-to video and a stellar one.

Step One: Research the Topic

If you’re doing the video on something you’re already an expert in, you probably don’t need to go out and learn more about it. But you do need to find out if it’s already been done before. There’s no sense in taking the time to prepare and record a video if there are already a hundred of the same on YouTube. If there are, and you still want to do the video, come up with a new angle or hone in on a specific detail.

Step Two: Write a Script

Improvised videos run the risk of looking and sounding unprofessional. Once on camera, you might ramble, say umm and like, or get off track. This can bore the viewer. Write the script before you record and either read it or memorize it, depending on how the video is shot.

Step Three: Find a Good Narrator or Actor

The actor or narrator of your video needs to sound and look professional. This means that the voice should enunciate the script and have a positive presence. With a little bit of practice, you, yourself, might be the man or woman for the job. Listen to some professional videos for examples of how to do it right.

Step Four: Record it

If you are recording a video of something on a computer screen, like how to use software, then you’ll need to use a screen capture software like Camtasia. Pointing a camera at your computer screen doesn’t look professional. If there are other videos out there on the same topic, yours won’t get noticed.

Step Five: Promote it

What’s the point in going the trouble if no one is going to watch it? To ensure that it gets found, add relevant tags and include the text script in the description field on YouTube. This will help it come up in Google searches. Spread the video as much as possible by adding the how-to video to your website and passing it around with social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

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