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Sick Leave Mandatory in New York

by Peggy Emch

New York City has passed a law mandating that small businesses offer 5 paid sick days per year to full and part time employees.

New York City joins Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, Washington, D.C., and the state of Connecticut in requiring the benefit to some workers.

Similar measures have failed in Denver, Milwaukee, and Philadelphia.

The law requires that businesses with more than 15 employees offer five paid sick days per year. The law doesn’t kick in, however, until April 2014 and October 2015 depending on how many employees the company has. Companies with fewer than 15 employees must offer five unpaid sick days with no danger of getting fired.

For and Against

Supporters are pleased with the ruling because it benefits workers. Many employees cannot afford to take time off even when they are gravely ill. They do not get the rest they need to recover and they may bring bacteria and viruses to work with them and infect their coworkers.

Critics say that the ruling is a burden to small businesses. Having to pay employees for time they do not work will be costly to businesses whose funds are limited.

Track Sick Leave With Timesheets

Keeping track of time will help keep costs down by making sure your employees don’t work less than they report. If you offer sick leave, either voluntarily or due to the laws in your area, you can track it online to avoid over-compensating. Give us a call to help get your accurals tracking set up!

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