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Top Free Business and Payroll Calculators on the Web

by Peggy Emch

You can’t do business without calculations and one could argue that you can’t do business without calculators – after all, where would you get the time to run your business if you had to calculate everything by hand. Lucky for the nation’s small businesses, the internet offers tools of all kinds to help with everything from the most basic to the most complicated calculations.

With the plethora of options out there, it can be kind of hard to find the right ones. I’ve put together a list of my favorite FREE calculators on the web.

1. Payroll Hours Calculator

Free timesheet calculator

The Payroll Hours Calculator adds up the total hours on a person’s paper timesheet. This is our own creation, which is what got me thinking about free online calculators to begin with. If you are still using paper timesheets because you’re not ready to pay for a service like ours, this will help eliminate addition errors.

2. Paycheck City’s Payroll Calculators

Payroll calculators

Pay Check City is a collection of calculators that the company, Pay Check City, licenses out to payroll companies. Anyone can use them on Paycheck City’s website or, if you’re a payroll company and you want the calculator on your own site, you can buy a license. The calculators can also be used to compute (or model) paychecks under a variety of circumstances.

3. Business Calculators by B Plans

Business calculators

This collection of Business Calculators can help you evaluate different processes in your business like cash flow, investment, and marketing ROI. Shown in the image above are just a handful of the many calculators B Plans offers.

4. Saving to be a Millionaire Calculator

Millionaire savings calculator

Calculate what it takes to become a millionaire! You just have to love this one. You can find out if your current savings strategy will get you there in your life time or if you’ll have to be a little more aggressive with your savings.

5. Employee Cost Calculator by B Plans

Employee expenses calculator

The Employee Cost Calculator adds up all the costs of hiring a new employee. The expenses go beyond an employee’s base salary. You’ve also got to think about equipment, bonuses, hardware, and software costs.

6. The Startup Calculator

Calculate startup costs

The Startup Calculator by the Wall Street Journal helps entrepreneurs see how much cash they will need to start up. This one is a little too large to add a full image. There are a lot of options here so click through to check it out.

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