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8 Sleep Problems that Can Affect Your Work

by Guest Author
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While the standard “eight hours” of sleep rule has been debated by everyone from physicians to kids who don’t like their bedtimes, there is no question that a good night’s sleep positively impacts your life. When you are well rested, you are in a better mood, you are more likely to eat healthier and you are more productive.

However, when you have sleep problems, the opposite happens and you are left grouchy, unproductive, and craving caffeine all day long. Physical effects aside, poor sleep can make your work suffer and can make your coworkers think you permanently have a scowl and a case of the Mondays.

Below are some common sleep problems that can affect your work quality with tips for how to overcome this issues.

1. Anxiety

With job responsibilities, bills, family, health and relationships to juggle, one in every five adults suffers from anxiety and that anxiety often extends to bedtime. To calm down before bed, try using one of these meditation apps when winding down for the night.

2. Busy Mind

Many of the same triggers for anxiety also leave your mind racing at all hours and cause sleep problems. If you are having trouble reaching a calm state before you go to sleep, creating morning and night time routines may help streamline your time before work and consolidate the amount of time it takes to fall asleep.

3. Discomfort

Discomfort at night can come from many sources. Sore muscles, a worn out mattress, scratchy sheets and too-tight pajamas can all lead to a restless sleep. Finding comfortable pillows is an easy way to find more comfort in your bed, and they can help you fall asleep faster while traveling too, because any road trip or business trip can feel like your own bed when you sleep on a pillow you are used to.

4. Hunger

Night time hunger can keep even the heaviest sleepers up later than usual. To suppress stomach growls and ease your way into sleep, try a small snack with carbohydrates to keep you satisfied all night and energized in the morning. There are many food options that you can even have with dinner that can make you fall asleep faster.

5. Noise

City dwellers often have trouble falling asleep on vacation because it is too quiet at night, and people from sparsely populated areas can have trouble sleeping when there is too much noise. To find a happy middle ground and pass out with few sonic distractions, try using a white noise generator to drown out car horns and sirens. White noise will help keep your mind off alert.

6. Not Tired

There are many stimuli that can keep you up into the wee hours of the morning. Blue light emitted from phones, televisions and computers is one of the biggest culprits of sleep problems. The blue light mimics sunlight, which naturally wakes our bodies up. Switch to a digital clock instead of relying on your phone for an alarm, and read a book or magazine to keep your attention without subjecting your eyes to blue light.

7. Sunday Night Insomnia

If you work a regularly-scheduled job, it is very likely that your weekends look quite different than your week days. Because we often spend our weekends running errands, catching up with friends, and traveling, resetting our sleep schedules every Sunday and Monday night can be quite difficult. If you try to wake up within an hour of your weekday rising time on the weekends, you will be more tired on Sunday nights and will be able to wake up easily on Monday mornings, among many other benefits.

8. Temperature

Whether it be frigid wintry gusts howling on your windows or the thick, humid air of a heatwave, varying temperatures often lead to poor sleep. Keeping your bedroom’s temperature constant throughout the year can help you fall asleep faster, as your body will not need to adjust to the temperature to feel comfortable. The temperature recommended for the best night’s sleep is 60-68 degrees.

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Jhoei August 1, 2019 - 11:27 pm

Thank you for sharing this information. Now I have an idea on what to do with my sleeping problems. It really does affect my productivity in general and I hate it. This really helped me understand what is going on with me.

Eileen Benson August 29, 2019 - 10:12 am

It really stood out when you said that one in every five adults have anxiety, which can easily extend from our daily responsibilities into bedtime. Lately my anxiety has been getting worse, and it’s been difficult for me because it’s really been interfering with my sleep. Your article was helpful for me because now that I know how common anxiety is, I feel a lot more validated in seeking treatment for my sleep disorder.

John Marks February 13, 2020 - 9:26 pm

Hey, great post. Your tips look very helpful. I used to face this problem earlier. I was having anxiety issues. Then, my grandmother starts giving me tulsi tea at nights and it cured my anxiety and helped me to sleep better. Thanks for sharing such an amazing post.

John doe July 4, 2020 - 7:30 am

Very Informative post. For me, it is very useful dear

fitoru weight loss August 8, 2020 - 7:12 am

Important points in this blog that we should know about this 8 sleep problems that can affect your work. This would really mean a lot. Thanks for sharing this one out


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