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How to attract and retain talent as a small business

by Joel Slatis
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Today’s economy has made it particularly challenging for small businesses to attract and retain talent, especially when competing with large corporations. Fortunately, there are many opportunities to explore that can help you bring in and retain the talent you seek, without significantly raising operating costs.

Showcase your work culture and values

The perception of your brand and company among potential and current employees is vital for recruiting and retaining talent. To create a positive reputation, you can showcase your work culture, values, and other essential characteristics of your organization on your website and through social media channels. These are also great places to highlight employee testimonials and celebrate your team. 

Offer competitive compensation and unique benefits

While small businesses may not be able to offer the same salary and benefits packages as larger companies, it’s still important to compare your offerings to those of similar roles when competing for talent. You can also offer perks that are free or low-cost yet provide additional value to employees. Some examples are; the option to work remotely, flexible scheduling, promoting work-life balance, providing free snacks or coffee, or offering a pet-friendly work environment.

Present professional development opportunities

Providing professional development opportunities, such as training programs or curriculum, mentorship, or tuition reimbursement, can help attract and retain talent. This also helps your employees to grow vertically within the organization and provide more value.

Prioritize communication, recognition, and feedback

Effective communication is crucial to attract and retain talent. Regular check-ins with your team members helps to ensure they’re happy and engaged, while also providing constructive feedback to help them improve their skills and celebrate their achievements. Additionally, an open and honest line of communication with your employees keeps you in touch with possible pain points within your organization, so that these can be addressed to improve team member satisfaction.

In conclusion, while retaining top talent is an ongoing challenge for organizations across the board, you can help ensure successful recruitment and retention by leaning into the natural perks and flexibility that smaller organizations can offer. 

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