Is Siri Serious Voice Recognition Software or a Toy for Mobile Users?

Voice controlContributed by Joel Slatis, president of

Until recently, the daily integration of voice recognition applications existed only in science fiction. Then came Siri, Apple’s famous attempt to invent its own voice recognition environment and bring it to the masses. It’s a great start, but Siri isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and most of us can see that voice recognition has a long way to go before it’s really ready for prime time.

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A Time Clock for Multiple Locations

Locations on a mapWhen businesses grow and expand into multiple cities, record keeping depends on the use of efficient internet applications. Online services allow businesses to keep track of data online, in real time so that it’s accessible anytime by departments in different locations. Without these services, companies have to email records to the appropriate people, wait for reports to get delivered, and dig up old data on site. It’s a hassle and it slows down the work flow.

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The New California Paid Sick Leave Law

Girl sneezing sickEffective July 1st, 2015 employers in California must offer their employees paid sick leave. This applies to all employers, regardless of size or number of employees.

The law has set some guidelines about accruals and usage. This is not intended to interfere with a company’s current policy but to set a minimum sick leave requirement and to help establish a sick leave policy for companies that didn’t already have one.

Sick Time Accrual vs Actual Usage

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Understanding the Accruals Cap

Accruals setupMany companies put a limit on accumulated vacation hours, and for good reason. A few years back there was an interesting case that highlights the trouble a company could get into without it.

A Nebraska County employee, Dick Kincaid, had accumulated 688 vacation hours over 30 years. That would amount to a huge payout upon termination of employment or over 17 weeks of vacation if he had decided to take the time off. He didn’t, however, and he was eventually fired for it.

If an accruals cap had been set from the beginning, Kincaid would have never accumulated so many hours and would have never lost his job over it.
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5 Ways to Mess Up Overtime

Confused woman Employers can make a lot of mistakes with overtime calculations if they’re not careful. Sometimes they avoid paying overtime altogether by classifying employees incorrectly as contractors, paying employees a salary when they should be working by the hour, “paying” private employees comp-time in lieu of overtime, etc.

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Security In Online Time Tracking

Shield security check

  • “How do I know my employees won’t clock in from home?”
  • “What if employees share passwords and clock in for each other?”
  • “What if my mobile employees clock in from their phones before they reach the job site?”

Employers who are curious about switching to online time tracking wonder about these things. They are all valid questions. The internet can be accessed from anywhere so it makes sense that employers would be concerned that employees could clock in from anywhere too.

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Online Expense Tracking Is a Must for Businesses

Mobile expense trackingTravel and entertainment costs represent a large chunk of the budget for most businesses. In fact, they are the second largest business expense, just behind payroll.

You would think that businesses would take the management of these expenses very seriously, given that they spend so much money on them but, surprisingly, not all of them do. Most businesses still manage their reimbursable expenses using antiquated methods like pen and paper or spreadsheets.

The problems with manual methods are many:

  1. Receipts need to be retained for review but often get lost or destroyed. Receipts are delicate and can fade after sitting in a wallet or car for a few days.
  2. Employees forget details of the expense by the time the accounting department starts asking questions.
  3. It takes time to add up receipts by hand and verify all the information.
  4. If employees are behind in their expense reporting, it can be difficult to get reimbursed by clients.

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