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Social Media: A Guide for Your Business

If you own a business, you probably have multiple social media profiles. If you don’t, you may want to consider hopping on the social media train! As of 2020, approximately 50% of …

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Small Business Tools for Social Media Management

Contributed by: Sophia Conti Businesses always feel pressure to do more with social media, whether it’s getting on a new platform, increasing followers, or developing new content. This is for good reason …

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5 Writing Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Master

Contributed by Julie Petersen Entrepreneurs are well known as passionate and proactive professionals who are able to put business ideas into practice. This is a talent not everyone possesses, just like writing …

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14 Confidence Boosters For Your Business

In addition to the undying topic of productivity, confidence in your business is being hotly discussed as we move into 2018. A confident business is one that knows where it’s going, and …

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7 Ways Your Staff Can Help Your Marketing

Employees are so much more than paid workers – they are ambassadors for your brand and everything that your business stands for. As members of your company, they are closely acquainted with …

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4 Ways Recruiting is Like Marketing

Like many small businesses, we don’t have an HR department and we’ve never hired a headhunter to do our hiring. Over the years, I have written our job postings myself when our …

How People Use

Contributed by Joel Slatis On any given day, many thousands of people, all around the world use to record their work time. It’s happening somewhere in the world right now, even …

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