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A concept piece of a calendar and a clock combined.

Payroll Report: Split Time Warning

When closing payroll periods, accuracy is key! has built-in warnings and hard-stops to highlight possible errors, so you can correct them prior to paying staff.

Screenshot from Takes Training Seriously

Learning a new business software takes time, no matter how user-friendly it is, especially one having to do with payroll. Can you imagine attempting to setup a system that tracks time for …

Employee and Manager Timesheet Notifications

You can set up automated mobile and email notifications with so that you get a text or email when certain things happen with your workforce. For example, some managers want to …

5 Tools for SMBs and Startups to Boost Productivity

Contributed by: EZOfficeInventory Running a small business and taking it to new heights can be challenging. Delegating tasks to employees and staying on top of expenses is overwhelming, especially while running an …

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