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Learning a new business software takes time, no matter how user-friendly it is, especially one having to do with payroll. Can you imagine attempting to setup a system that tracks time for payroll, accruals, expenses, and client time with no support? We can’t either!

Live Support

Our commitment to service starts with our knowledgeable, live staff. They are experts at evaluating clients’ needs and then implementing those needs in the setup of new service. Our specialists take clients all the way from demonstration to setup, and on through support. While you don’t have to work with a specialist to get up and running, it’s not a bad idea to let them point you in the right direction. After all, they’ve been doing this for years.

Support Articles

In addition to having your own personal guide, we offer a suite of self-study materials like those found in the training page image above.

The walkthroughs and videos are primarily intended for new clients, but as you try to get more out of the software, you can use our searchable support section to find answers to more complicated, nitty gritty topics. In the Support section, there are also training guides for employees that can be printed, emailed, or downloaded.

We are always updating and upgrading our support materials. We also are happy to add requested topics of interest, so if there is something you want to see, please let us know!

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