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How to Track Comp Time With Timesheets

Some employees earn comp time as a reward for good work. Keeping track of it is easy with our online time clock. (If you’re unsure about when comp time can legally be used, read last week’s post about overtime violations.)

You can track comp time by customizing a time off label and naming it Comp Time. Since it is not a regular accruable, i.e. employees accrue hours randomly, you will have to manually enter your employee’s time on the employee’s options page as they earn hours.

With the new time off label set up in the system, every time employees are ready to use their earned time, they can “Request Time-Off” – as though they were taking vacation or sick time – but instead of selecting vacation or sick as the time classification, they’ll select Comp Time. Once they’ve entered the hours they wish to use, an alert will go to the supervisor to allow the employee to take the comp time and deduct the total from the bank.

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