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How to Create a Graveyard Shift

by Peggy Emch

You can setup a graveyard shift category Account Code in our time tracking system for your night workers.

Account Codes are a great tool for sorting payroll hours by type or pay. (They can also be useful for the general analysis of department spending!)

To Set Up and Use a Graveyard Shift (or any other type of shift)

Step 1.

Click Account Codes in the main menu. Name your shift and decide who you would like to have access to this type of shift. The description and default pay rates are optional here.

Step 2.

When your employees clock out they will select the required shift from the drop-down menu after clicking the clock out button.

Step 3.

Sometimes employees use one Account Code more often than others. You can change the default shift for an individual by visiting their Settings page and clicking the Account Codes tab.

Step 4.

And last if you want to see your hours sorted by shift at the end of the pay period, run a Post-Payroll Report. You can access these by clicking Reports in the Hourly Menu. Then sort the report by Account Code to see the totals for each shift.


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