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Employee and Manager Timesheet Notifications

You can set up automated mobile and email notifications with so that you get a text or email when certain things happen with your workforce.

For example, some managers want to know when employees come and go. We’ll let you know about this. We’ll also let you know when payroll is approaching so your don’t forget to pay your employees on time, and many other important events.

Here are a few of the notifications you can setup in the My Account section of an admin account. Set them up as text (sms) alerts or as email alerts.

  • Managers can get alerts when employees clock in or out.
  • Employees can setup timesheet reminders to help them remember to clock out.
  • Managers can get notifications when employees request changes to their timesheets.
  • The payroll processor can get an email when it is the last day of the pay period.

There are more notifications to choose from inside your account and there are always more coming with each features release!

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