Special Case – Record Work Done, Not Hours Worked

Timesheets.com was designed to track time but it can also record jobs as an instance of work done, ignoring the hours and minutes all together.

For some businesses this is important because not every company, team, or freelancer needs to track the time they spend on projects. Sometimes, just tracking the project itself is all that is needed for billing.

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Who Uses Online Timeclocks?

Looking at the types of companies who utilize a specific product can help a business figure out if it’s a good fit for them. If just construction companies use a certain software, for example, it may not be the right fit for an administrative office. If only restaurants use another software, it may not be the right product for a police force.

Our software, on the other hand, is not so company specific and the diversity of our users proves it. The Timesheets.com online time clock is the right fit for just about any business. Just about the only exception I can think of is one with absolutely no internet connection, mobile or otherwise, but that has become a rare thing these days.
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A Timeclock Service for Outsourcing Agencies

Timesheets.com directly serves thousands of small businesses across the country but it also serves agencies who need to provide their own small business clients with a timeclock solution.
Payroll companies, Human Resources outsourcing firms, and Staffing agencies all have a need to offer time & attendance solutions to their clients in order to maintain their roll as full service agencies. Rather than sending their clients off into deep waters to fend for their own timekeeping needs, these companies come to us to set up a time tracking account for their clients.

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