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Timesheets Welcomes Non-Profits!

by Peggy Emch

Many non-profits have a lot of work to do and very little money with which to do it. We hear about their struggle all the time. Just last week we received a message from a women’s care center asking if we offer non-profit pricing. They, like many other non-profits like them, need all the help they can get.

Without discounted pricing on many day to day services that most companies can afford, non-profits would go out of business and would no longer be a part of our community.

A happy community depends on the work of non-profits and we are happy to say that we assist many of them.

Signing up as a non-profit with Timesheets.com is hassle-free!

Timesheets.com is committed to helping those who have difficulty helping themselves. As a non-profit, you’ll receive a discount on service and be eligible for other assistance and offers from time to time. All our work is designed to make your jobs easier so you can focus on those to whom you’re providing services.

Our non-profit process is simple and quick. Just give us a call and we’ll apply the non-profit discount to your account upon activation.

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