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New York Times Interviews Timesheets.com On Data Crunching

by Peggy Emch

Employers want to know how their employees spend their time at work, how a thousand projected hours project ends up exceeding 1500 hours, and what time employees come and go.

In the past, no one knew exactly how time was spent at work or even exactly what time employees got in to work but now, with online productivity software, employees can track the time they spend on various tasks or projects so that all of their time is accounted for.

David Streitfeld investigates employee productivity software such as Timesheets.com in this week’s Technology article on the New York Times.

“Employers of all types… are using an increasingly wide range of tools to monitor workers’ efforts, help them focus, cheer them on and just make sure they show up on time.”

Apps that track everything from goal setting, to project management, to feedback, to clocking in and out are becoming increasingly popular these days. Employees can document their progress, activity, and attendance, and employers get to put it all together in reports. This helps keep employees on track, clients up to date, and paychecks rolling out painlessly.

Some fear that employees are being micromanaged with all these new apps but, done right, these programs simply offer time management, productivity, and organization. As long as they don’t cross the line to being invasive, they are being readily accepted by young people.

As one of our customers told the New York Times, she accepts Timesheets.com as a modern reality.

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