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GPS time tracking: How it can benefit your organization

by Joel Slatis
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As technology continues to advance, more businesses are implementing GPS time tracking into their operations. GPS time tracking is a system that uses GPS technology to track the location of employees in real-time. Tracking time with GPS can benefit your organization in many ways, from improving time-tracking accuracy to providing a better customer service experience. 

Enhanced Time Accuracy 

GPS time tracking supports accurate tracking of employee work hours, breaks, meal periods, and other similar tasks. This helps to eliminate time discrepancies and ensures accurate compensation for hours worked.

Increased Productivity

Business owners and managers can use GPS-based time tracking to help identify productivity issues, such as extended breaks or time spent on non-work-related activities. This offers the opportunity for the employer to provide feedback to the employee and address the issue. 

Improved Resource Management

Tracking time with GPS technology can provide real-time data on the location and activities of employees. These insights enable employers to better manage resources such as vehicles, equipment, and supplies.

Ensures Compliance

GPS time tracking helps ensure that businesses comply with labor laws and guidelines related to hours, breaks, and overtime. This can assist organizations by avoiding costly fines and legal challenges. 

More Transparency

Time tracking via GPS technology can improve transparency and accountability within organizations as employees know they are being monitored. This can be very useful, especially in new employer/employee dynamics, to establish trust and reduce the likelihood of time theft or other unethical behaviors.

Better Customer Service

Being able to provide real-time updates on service status and expected arrival times is another benefit your organization can enjoy from GPS tracking. With this information, you can manage customer expectations and deliver an improved service experience. 

Things to Consider Before Selecting a GPS Time Tracking Solution

Before implementing GPS time tracking, you should consider how your business operates and your specific needs to choose the best solution. For example, not all organizations need or want to track their employees throughout the day, but they may find it useful to utilize GPS tracking for team members to punch in and out.

Timesheets.com uses its web-based platform to track GPS coordinates when an employee punches the clock. Counterintuitively, this can actually provide more benefits than an installed app. Apps must be downloaded, installed, and updated when bugs are found, improvements are made, or vulnerabilities are discovered. Alternatively, a web-based solution ensures you always have the most up-to-date version. Also, Timesheets.com’s web-based GPS solution works on any browser.

Another thing to consider with tracking your employees throughout the day is that this requires the app to run constantly in the background and poll for coordinates. This drains the battery of the cell phone and uses the data plan. While constant GPS tracking may be desirable for some business purposes, if you only need data for the punch location, then Timesheets.com is a better solution than an installed app alternative.

Overall, GPS time tracking can benefit organizations by improving efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing accuracy. This makes it a valuable tool to consider for any organization looking to optimize its operations.

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