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Paid Time Off Around the World

The US federal government offers federal employees 9 paid holidays plus sick and vacation leave based on tenure. But the US mandates no such benefit for public workers. This is in stark contrast …

Employee Bonus – Types and Schemes

When we think of the employee bonus, we usually think year end or sign on. These aren’t the only types of bonuses, however. Bonuses can come at any time and in forms …

How Much to Reimburse for Employee Mileage

The IRS sets the employee mileage reimbursement rate for employees who drive their personal vehicles for work purposes (they also set rates for charitable, medical, and moving purposes). The rate is intended …

A Timeclock for Your Account

Salseforce is a CRM platform that helps companies manage customer leads, contacts, and conversations in real-time, making notes instantly available to all users. And we integrate with it! is DCAA Compliant!

All government contractors must adhere to a set of guidelines regarding proper financial management. These guidelines, which include employee time tracking, are required by the United States government to ensure accuracy and …

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