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Paper attendance chart

Employee Attendance – Problems and Policies

Attendance policies vary from one company to the next. Some are strict, some are lenient and, some are non-existent. But no matter which kind of attendance policy you have (or don’t have), …

Post-it note with the words clock in

8 Ways to Help Employees Remember to Clock In

Missing timecards and incomplete timesheets are some of the biggest employee management hassles. Employers must pay employees for time they work regardless of whether they remember to clock in. For this reason, …

How to Deal With Employee Lateness

In some businesses employee lateness doesn’t really matter. Some jobs simply require completion, like stuffing envelopes for example, and it doesn’t really matter if it gets done at 10am or 10pm. But …

Early Employees As Costly As Late Ones

We hear a lot about employee absenteeism. It can have a really negative impact on a business. Stores don’t open on time, customers don’t get the help they need, and since other …

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