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6 Ways to Improve Your Professional Emails

How you communicate with your customers and other contacts impacts how those same entities view your company. Effective email correspondence can benefit you and your business in numerous ways. It can help …

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7 Steps For Creating a Working Business Plan

Contributed by: Daniela McVicker The difference between an entrepreneur who succeeds and one who doesn’t is often in the planning process. To get your startup off to a good start, you should …

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5 Writing Skills Every Entrepreneur Should Master

Contributed by Julie Petersen Entrepreneurs are well known as passionate and proactive professionals who are able to put business ideas into practice. This is a talent not everyone possesses, just like writing …

Road with the word startup and an arrow

5 Tips for Startups

If you’ve got a startup or you’re starting up a startup, you’ve already got a great product worth selling. You are probably working hard to promote it too. The basic to-do list …

5 Tools for SMBs and Startups to Boost Productivity

Contributed by: EZOfficeInventory Running a small business and taking it to new heights can be challenging. Delegating tasks to employees and staying on top of expenses is overwhelming, especially while running an …

Hiring Your First Employee

Most business owners dream big when they start their businesses. They dream of competing in the market, providing a great product or service, and making a great living. And so they dream …

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