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A man holding a minimum wage sign, climbing up stairs.

Which States Raised Minimum Wage in 2021?

Over the years, employees in the United States have fought to increase the federal minimum wage to $15/hr with many political leaders joining in the effort. The federal minimum wage has remained …

Drive Time Should Be Paid Work Time

Drive time for work refers to the time spent traveling during working hours for work purposes. It’s not the time spent going to and from work. That’s commuting and employers don’t have …

Timekeeping Records – Department of Labor Laws

Every company needs to keep track of employee time – whether that’s accomplished with antiquated paper timesheets or sophisticated web-based applications, it is needed in order to know how many hours to …

You Can’t Make Up Your Own Overtime Policies

At, we often get calls from customers who want help setting up “custom” overtime rules. We’ve heard the gamut of creative “overtime policies”. While having multiple pay rates is fine for …

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