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When Does an Employee Get Double Time Pay?

Federal law has no provision for double time pay (see statement), but California law does. State labor laws add to Federal labor laws so that they can provide additional protections for workers. has a free overtime/double time calculator you can try right now.

California Workers Get Double Time Pay In Two Cases


1. Hours exceeding 12 in a day

When the hours worked in one day exceed 12, employees are paid double time for all time worked thereafter during that workday.

2. Seventh consecutive day after 8 hours

Employees who work seven consecutive days are entitled to double time pay after the first 8 hours on that seventh workday.

From the California DIR:

For all hours worked in excess of 12 hours in any workday and for all hours worked in excess of eight on the seventh consecutive day of work in a workweek.

Why employees might not get double time

If the 7th day falls outside of the workweek, double time would not apply. A workweek starts over after 7 days so if an employee works 5 days in one workweek and 2 in another, the 7th consecutive day rule would not apply. The same is true of workdays. Read more about it here.

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175 Responses

    1. How would I calculate overtime and double time if I’m working 2 job sites (2 shifts) being paid by the same company totaling 16 hours a day for 6 days

      1. If I’m already in overtime and I work 7 consecutive days while for those are in overtime and the 7th Day requires time and I have to be paid does that triple my beginning salary or does it just remain at time and a half

    2. How would I calculate overtime and double time if I’m working 2 job sites (2 shifts) being paid by the same company totaling 16 hours a day for 6 days

  1. We worked 6 days straight and came back the next day on a Sunday and keep going all the way to Friday is that consider double time since Sunday started a new pay period

    1. Hi Guillermo,

      It is not likely to be since it was not 7 consecutive days in the same workweek. The Department of Labor uses the word “workweek” in it’s definition here: “Any work in excess of 12 hours in one day and any work in excess of eight hours on any seventh day of a workweek shall be paid no less than twice the regular rate of pay.”

      However, I have heard of the courts making special judgements on a case by case basis. If this happened all the time and the courts saw it as abuse of the definition, the company may be liable for double time payments. But, I am not a lawyer and am not the one to ask. If you really feel you are being abused by your employer, contact an employment lawyer for help.

  2. ok, what if you work mon – fri. and get overtime each day? Then go in that SAT. for over 8 hrs,..then SUN. for 8 ? this put us OVER 60hrs before SUNDAY. should SUNDAY be double time???Is there an over 60 consecutive hr rule in play here???

    1. The two conditions that I am aware of come from the Department of Labor’s website and that is: “Any work in excess of 12 hours in one day and any work in excess of eight hours on any seventh day of a workweek shall be paid no less than twice the regular rate of pay.”

      So if you’re not working over 12 hours in one day and you’re not working over 8 hours on that 7th day, then you are not entitled to double time.

  3. Technically, you could work 80 hours in a week and not get double time: 12 hours times 6 days, plus 8. And that is just in California. Most of the rest of the country does not require that double time be paid at all.

    There are some laws in place to protect employees but, clearly, they’re not perfect and often not enough.

  4. Ok so heres my situation this week…on this sunday im normally scheduled 1-930 pm but im staying till 3 am and on Thursday Thanksgiving Day Im doing the same thing instead of leaving at 930 im staying till 3 am. At my job during the holiday weeks we get paid for 48 hours instead of 40 but im trying to figure the OT. So on those two nights after 930 ill get regular time and a half until 130 am then its double time till i clock at 3 am right? Or no? Help please

    1. Are you clocking out for lunch? I would guess you’re clocking out for 30 minutes since you said that you should start accumulating overtime after 9:30. If this is correct, then at 9:30 you will have worked 8 hours. By 1:30am you will have worked 12 hours. So any work you do after 1:30 should be double time… if you are in California. Sounds like you figured correctly!

      1. I’m in CA and I work from 2 pm until 4 am most nights. My company is saying that at 12 am a new day starts so I am not entitled to double time. Is that legal?

        1. That is correct, Mike, yes. Getting double time after 12 hours in a day is defined within a work day. But the double time will even out if you work this shift regularly. For example, you work from 12am-4am – that’s 4 hours. Then you come in again at 2pm until 12am – that’s 10 hours. So your total hours worked for the day is 14 hours.

      2. Ok well I work 7 days a week from 5am to 7 pm can u tell me why I don’t get paid triple time for Sunday’s and double time for Saturday and am I supposed too

  5. Ok so on 01/03 friday i came into work at 5am left at 3:07 before i left i was ask to come back at before a six hour mark, when i came back i clock in at 7:47pm friday then clock out Saturday morning at 2:45am. Now the time when i was ask to come back to work from 7:47pm friday to Saturday 2:45am is that considered double time?

  6. I am paid hourly ad worked a full 40 hours Mon thru Fri. I was askd to travel via air for a customer project leaving Fri afternoon and returning SUnday afternoon. I will be at customer site and staying at local hotel. What starts and stops the clock for the weekend trip.

    1. Getting paid double time for working on holidays is a company benefit not a Federal law. Not all companies offer that benefit. There may be differences in the law on the State level so you should look it up for your state.

    1. That depends on a lot of factors, Claire. When were those hours worked and what state do you live in?

  7. Started work on Tue 7/21 at 7:45 AM. Took lunch from 1:45 PM to 2:45 PM. Worked overnight, non-stop, for a payroll deadline of 12:00 PM on Wednesday. Finished work at 1:15 PM on Wed 7/22. I worked 28.5 hours with a 1 hour lunch with my manager’s approval. What are my overtime and double overtime hours? Thank you. – LG

    1. Hi LG,

      Why don’t you ask your boss to sign up for a account? You could track your hours and know exactly what your overtime and double time should be.

  8. What aboutvthe days thst follow that 7th day? As example…I work grave shift starting on a mon at 7PM…I get off 8 hrs later, Tues @ 3AM…so technically I work Mon-Sat…but if I cover a shift on a Sat that rools into Sun (day 7) then start my normal schedule…..are all the days following that sun going to pay double time until I have a day off?

    1. That is a really great question, Howard. I would guess that the clock turns back to straight time with the beginning of the next week but I looked for confirmation anyway. Here is what I found:
      “FAQ – I worked 9 days in a row, don’t I get double time after working 7 days in a row?

      Even if you do work the 7 days in the same week, you automatically go back to straight time when the new week starts. The employer does not have to give you any time off and you automatically go back to straight time.”

  9. If I work 16 hours and 0001 splits the 16 hour to be 8 on one day and 8 on the other day do I still get double time

    1. From:

      “FAQ – I worked from 4PM on one day until 8AM the next day, am I entitled to overtime? Double time?

      In most cases, no. Although you worked 16 consecutive hours in the same shift, overtime is computed on a daily basis, not on a per-shift basis. Using the per-day basis, overtime “resets” at midnight. Thus, this situation would be computed as 2 days of 8 hours each and no overtime would be due (assuming you did not work any other hours that day). However, if you worked 4PM to 8AM and then 4PM to 8AM on back to back days, this would be 8 hours on day 1, 16 hours on day 2, and 8 hours on day 3. The day middle day would be paid at 8 hours straight time, 4 hours overtime, and 4 hours double time.”

  10. I work Sunday through Thursday eight hours, but on Friday I work twelve hours. Would the first eight hours be consider overtime and the additional four double time? Or would all twelve hours worked on Friday be consider overtime only? We close our pay period on Saturday.

    1. Hi Mike,

      You would not get double time at all since you are not exceeding 12 hours in one day or working 7 days in a row. But you should get 12 full hours of time and a half.

    1. If you are in California, then you probably are entitled to a half hour of overtime on the 7th day.

  11. If I only clock in for one hour on the seventh day in my work week, does that grant me seventh day pay?

    1. As stated in the post, “If an employee works seven consecutive days, then for the first 8 hours on that seventh day they are paid time and a half, but for each additional hour, they are paid double time.”

  12. My schedule is Thursday to Thursday I worked about 75 hours last week on the 7th day do I get paid time and a half and after the 8th hour double time?? Also if I work 2 weeks straight after the the 7th day going to my 8th day would it all be double time? Or would it be the 8th day after 8 hours will be double time?

  13. K I get paid once a week my boss took my over time and moved it to the next week so he dint have to pay it is that aganst the law or can he do that

  14. I work 10 hrs 7 days a week in June and July and we are told it’s only time and a half shouldn’t it be double time after the 8th day

  15. I work from 4pm-12:30am is it considered over time after that if they ask me to work till 4am?

  16. So memorial day was a holiday pay on Monday. I worked Tuesday till Sunday. Is that consider double pay since Monday was a holiday pay?

  17. I work eight hours each day for five days some days I work 12 hours does that mean after my eight hours on the days that I work 12 hours it’s doubletime? Please help me I really cannot figure this out

  18. If I worked 2 straight weeks and continued working for 3 more days, are the 3 days paid in double pay?

  19. I worked Monday-Friday 14 hours per day equalling 42 hours then I worked Friday another 10 hours as well as Saturday 10 hours. Should I get time and a half not straight time?

  20. I have a question so I worked a double Dec 1st & 2nd how should I be getting paid I make 11.00 a hr

  21. I also did a 24hr but they said @ midnight it makes another day so it wasn’t 24hrs even though I was there working for 24hrs straight

  22. I live in California and I work 4 10 hr days for my 40 hr work week. When does double time kick in? How many hours is it over 50 in a week or 60?

  23. i just finished a shift from 1-9:36 with a 43 min lunch and i have to go in at 6 am tomorrow would that be considered ot?

  24. hi my name is Kathy and I have a question if I am working over 40 hours in a week and I work on a holiday and I get over 40 hours on that day do my employer have to pay me double or does it stay time and a half from the 41 hours on?

  25. Worked a 9 hour shift, was off at 6:15pm called back to work that same night at 9:00pm to 5:00am. Manager said I was awarded over time until 12:00 Am, but was only paid my base pay from then on till 5:00Am. Because it was the start of a new day. I worked it straight with a paid lunch.

    1. That sounds normal. Once the new work day starts, even if it’s within the same shift, the clock resets for overtime.

          1. Hi Peggy,
            I have a question, of someone’s shift starts 11PM and the shift ends at 7AM. So does all the hours counts on starts date or it counts 1 hour in start date and 7 hours for next date which is after 12 midnight?


          2. Hi Omid,

            It depends on what time your employer has the day start set to. It is usually at midnight but doesn’t have to be.

  26. Hello, We worked from Monday through Saturday (8hrs) Sunday (7.6 hrs). Is it Sunday doble pay?

    Thank you, Sophia

  27. I started work at 7:00am on a Monday morning and did not leave until 5:30pm on Tuesday. The majority of hours were handling several emergency situations. How should my overtime be calculated?

    1. Hi Lewis,

      Assuming that your workday ends at 12am, then you worked 17 hours in one day. The first 8 hours are straight pay, the next 4 hours are time and a half, and then the next 5 hours are double time. You can do the same thing with the next day – your shift being from 12am to 5:30pm.

  28. I work for a Christmas light company, last year we worked between 60-80 hrs a week some shifts exceeding 18 hrs, going weeks without days off. My question is this. We were told that we could either work all the hours and be paid time and a half only no double-time, or he would hire a bunch more guys and we would receive no overtime. Is that right? Also we were schduled 4, 10 hr shifts so overtime wasn’t until after 10 hrs. I still work for this company.

    1. Well Zack, the rules are the rules so if he presented you with options that go against California overtime rules, then it probably was a violation of those rules. I see how it puts you in a pickle though. He says, if you don’t like my rules, then you won’t get overtime at all. Obviously, you’d rather have the hours and the time and a half than get a smaller paycheck. The fact is, though, if you’re in California and you worked an 18 hour shift, you were almost certainly due double time. (To be due double time you must work over 12 hours in one “work day”. If you started your shift at noon and your workday is over at midnight, you wouldn’t end up being due any double time.)

    1. “If an employee works seven consecutive days, then for the first 8 hours on that seventh day they are paid time and a half, but for each additional hour, they are paid double time.”

  29. Hello, so our work week is Friday to thursday, I work 8 hours on on each day give or take some overtime on some of those days, for the past two Saturday and Sundays I have worked and I am about to start the work week again and I think I will be working this weekend again so that will be a total of three weeks and no day off. Am I entitled to double overtime?

  30. Our guys work 10hr days, 4 days a week. We pay overtime for anything over 40hrs. a week. Now they are asking about Double-time pay. When would that kick in?

    1. Double time doesn’t kick in, in California, until the 12th hour worked in a single workday. Your employees aren’t working those long shifts, nor are they working 7 days in a row so it doesn’t sound like you owe them double time.

  31. My son had to work a double shift doing security because 3 people didn’t show up. He worked 17.5 hours straight and they will only pay him overtime for the hours after 8 hours.

  32. So I work 9 days straight with no break however this was in 2 different pay periods is this legal and should I be getting paid OT or double time??

    1. To qualify for the 7th day rule in California, the seven consecutive days must be in the same workweek. It is legal for employees to work 9 days straight.

  33. Hey Peggy,

    Last 2 weeks I worked 12 day straight. I work full time M-F 8:30am -5:30pm but had to cover Sat-Sunday for 6 hours each day due to coworkers calling in sick. After that week I worked my normal shift again Monday-Friday with no days off. Am I eligible for double Overtime? For both week my total hours were 94hr.

    1. Hi Samual,

      It sounds to me like you’re not eligible for double time since you never exceeded 12 hours in a day and on the 7th day did not work more than 8 hours.

  34. hello i work 12 hour days in california , 3 days a week. I worked thursday night 1800-0630. my boss required a mandatory meeting friday morning 0700-0800. I think it should be double time but my boss said no. Im scheduled to work friday night again at 1800-0630.

  35. I worked for two weeks straight totaling 145 hours. I was paid other at time and a half. Should I have received double time at some point during these two weeks?

  36. I have a question if I work Monday through Saturday 10 hours a day should I get double time for 2 hours on Saturday since Saturday is all overtime wouldn’t that make saterday 2 hours of double time

  37. I live in Arizona and worked 23 days in a row getting around 163 hours in two weeks and 132 hours in the next two weeks, am I entitled to double time?

  38. I may get a job that has a 12 hour daily schedule of 5pm to 5am (half hour lunch) Monday thru Friday
    so the first three days Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the first 8 hours are regular time and the last 4 are over time

    after this is where I have questions.

    on the fourth day Thursday the first four hours are regular time right? but that leaves me with 8 hours left in the work day and overtime starts at the 5th hour right? because I’ve reached 40 hours into my work week already? but on the 9th hour of Thursday does it turn to double time? seeing as I’m already working over 4 hours of overtime in one day? or does it just stay overtime?

    then on Friday, is all 12 hours on Friday overtime? or some part of those 12 hours double time? what’s the limit on HowHow. many overtime hours you can work in a day before you get double time if at all?

    there will also be occasional Saturday work for 4 to 8 hours past the minimum mandatory 60 hour work week. does double time kick in then?

    1. Hi Carlos, good questions but you’re kind of over thinking it. Just because you’ve already worked 40 hours in the week doesn’t mean you get double time sooner.

      This is the rule for double time:

      “or all hours worked in excess of 12 hours in any workday and for all hours worked in excess of eight on the seventh consecutive day of work in a workweek.”

      So on Thursday, once you’ve hit your 40 hours for the week, all the rest of the hours in the week, say 20, will be time and a half, unless of course you work over 12 hours in a day occasionally or 7 days in a row. Then you’d get those instances paid as double time.

      I hope this helps!

  39. I work Monday thru Friday and I put in 44 hours, our payroll starts Monday through Sunday I worked Saturday 4hours and Sunday for 12 hours am I entitled to double time for Sunday not sure what Kansas labor law is for it

  40. I live in California and I worked an 3pm-11:15, and then came back next day at 4:30 next morning. Aren’t I soppssed have a sertain amount of rest in between shifts? Otherwise it’s time and a half?

    1. Hi Terrance. There is no such law for general workers. In a few industries where working back to back shifts would be a health hazard there may be some regulations.

      If you’re in California and you work more than 8 hours in a workday, then you’re entitled to overtime but that is not the case in your example.

  41. I work 11 hours and 7 days a week, which day am I going to get double over time and how many hours in a week can you please help me know

  42. my pay week is mon-sun I work thursday-monday 12hr shifts each day and worked an extra 4 hours on Thursday totalling 16 hrs Thursday and the rest of the week 12s would I get double time?

  43. I worked 12 days straight without a day off. On the 7th day I worked a 24hr shift. Do I qualify for double time after the 7th day and first 8 hours of the shift? Also do I get double time for days 8-12?

  44. If I work 70 per week, would this be like 40 hours regular and then??? how many hours would it be for overtime and how many hours would be for double time

  45. what if my work day is 8 hours and I am ordered to to another 8 which is a 16 hour work day.

    1. Hi Jeff, if you work over 12 hours in a workday in California, then you’ll make double time, even if you go home for 4 hours. The time has to be in the same work day though. The standard workday is from midnight till 11:59pm but an employer can set it as any regular 24 hour period.

  46. I’ve been working 8 hours each day for the past 2 months and a half with no days off whatsoever. I get paid regular pay and my overtime. I was told it’s wrong for them to force me to work without any rest but I’m not sure. I don’t mind working without days off. I just want to be sure I’m not being taken advantage of because it’s not done to everyone.

  47. Hi – I have a question – my husband works for a large party company staging and woking aurdio and electrical and construction for their events……he works M-f 8 hours 40 total in a week and then works saturday and sunday — scenario in some days of the week he works upto and over 12 hours – perfect this means OT (time and half) for any hours after 8 but upto 12 in a work day and Double Time for anything over 12 hours — but then he works saturdays anywhere between 8-12 hours which would mean OT for first 8 hours and then Double time for all hours after 8 —- then he works sunday again anywhere between 8 -12 hours — THIS is the part that that on this 7th day all hours worked woul dbe double time — did something change in califrnia law to change this? I use to work in a factory M-f 40 hours and was paid ot when I worked the saturday 8 hour shift for all 8 hours and double time for all 8 hours if I also worked the sunday 8 hour shift — and it use to be on the website where it stated that on the consecutive 7th day of work if you met the min 40 hour work week the 7th day would all be double time but I can’t find it now — did something change I know I’m not crazy 🙁

    1. Hi there. I do not know if the laws changed at some point in the past. It is possible that the company you worked for had more generous double time offering.

  48. I work 8 hrs a day with 2 hours OT each day M-F I have 40 hours by the end of Thursday, should I be getting paid OT all of friday ? Considering 8 of those hours are OT would that still apply to the 40 any hrs work after (friday) are OT?

    1. Hi Barkley,

      I’m afraid not. In California, you get overtime for time worked over 8 hours in a day or for time worked over 40 in a week. So if you hit 40 hours after 4 days (10 hours a day) you would have 8 hours of overtime. If you work Friday too, you will use the weekly overtime so you’d get overtime for hours over 40.

  49. What if you eclipse the 40 hour mark for the week and the 8 hour mark for the day at the same time?
    Example.. I work Sunday Mon Tues Thurs Friday from 2 pm- 10:30 so that’s 40 hours.
    On Friday night I work till 2 am so not only do I go over 40 for the week but I go over 8 for the day…should I get paid double time?

    1. Hi Richard,

      Your scenario is not one of the scenarios the California Department of Industrial Relations cites. You don’t double up on overtime when you work more than 8 hours in a day and 40 in a day. Take a look at the post to see the specific examples where you would get double time.

  50. Hi I work from 12 noon till 11:45 pm and then come back to work at 6:00 am is that consider over time or how many hours in between shifts should I have off in order not to get over time
    Thank you

    1. Hi Jose,

      Double time is calculated inside of a workday. An employer can set a workday as any 24 hour period. So it may go from midnight to noon or from 3pm to 3am. The workday is a regular thing, though, so it shouldn’t fluctuate from week to week.

  51. My employer has been needing us to do crazy overtime I work Mon through sat I start work at 5am everyday now here’s the tricky part I worked until 11pm Monday went home slept then came back to work at 5am repeated this Tuesday so my question is how much double time have I occurred only on Monday and Tuesday my company set the work day as any 24 hr period

  52. If i work wendsday at 2:30pm November 23 untill Thursday 2:30am thanksgiving day do i get paid double time for the 2 and a half hours I work?

  53. If I work in ca for 12HS a day starting on Monday and Thursday is thanksgiving. What pay should get on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

    1. That depends on whether your employer pays you a different holiday rate and on how many hours you work Thurs, Fri, Sat.

  54. So to clarify the double-time after 7 days rule…

    If my company is forcing us to work 25 days straight due to being busy this holiday season, Do I get paid double-time for all hours after the 8 hours worked on the 7th day, or does it reset every pay period or every week?

    1. Hi Vince,

      The double time rules apply within the workday and the workweek. So, yes, that does “reset”. You wouldn’t get double time for days and days.

  55. Hi, I took personal time Monday -Wednesday, Thursday I worked 10 hrs Friday 14 and Saturday 14, am I entitle to any overtime or double time?

  56. Hello my pay period ends on Thursdays and starts fridays. So from 12/2 to 12/8 i did 72 hours. My normal schedule is Sunday thru thursday 40 hours but i came in to do friday and Saturday as well. Does that mean when i did sunday the 12hours ive done am i qualified to recieve double sunday for full 12hours since i worked 7days straight?? Im a union job as well in california

    1. Hi Lisa,

      It sounds to me like your Saturday is in the next workweek. So whether you get double time will depend on how much you work in the following week.

  57. Will I be paid double time if it’s my 7th consecutive day in a work week and I’m going over 40 hours?

  58. I am an hourly employee for a charter school in California. Last day of school with pay was 12-10-16. Day to return back to work is Jan 10, 2017. Now the school has called a meeting on today Thursday Jan.05, 2017. Because the the schools are not officially back in business with students until Jan.10, 2017. Can I be paid time and a half for working today. Thanks.?

  59. I would like to know if it is legal in CT to work OT that falls on a holiday( which you get time & a half for) to only be be paid time & a half once? Shouldn’t it be for the original OT & then time & a half for your holiday separate?

    1. I don’t think so. The hourly rate without overtime would be: 75/12 = 6.25 which is less than minimum wage. It’s even less when you factor in overtime after 8 hours. As always, however, check with a lawyer in your state to be sure. They can get more details and give you a more definite answer.

  60. Need a little help with this, I worked 15 hours Christmas day my company pays time and a half for holidays. Am I entitled to 3 hours of double time because I worked more than 12 in a work day? Or is it the loop hole that a holiday is not a regular work day?

    1. Hi Hector,

      If you’re in California, and worked over 12 hours in a workday, you are likely entitled to double time pay. The pay rate for overtime is based on the weighted average of your pay rates for the week.

      “Where an employee in a single workweek works at two or more different types of work for which different straight-time rates have been established, the regular rate for that week is the weighted average of such rates. That is, the earnings from all such ra tes are add ed together and this total is then divided by the total number of hours worked at all jobs. In addition, section 7(g)(2 ) of the FLSA allows, under specified conditions, the computation of overtime pay based on one and one-half ti mes the hourly rate in eff ect when the overtime work is performed. The requirements for computing overtime pa y pursuant to section 7( g)(2) are prescribed in 29 CFR 778.415 through 778.421”


  61. Hi Peggy,

    I work for a union site in California that includes holiday hours into the week total for overtime consideration. If I work 8 hours every day for 7 days in the same work week and the 7th consecutive day happens to be a holiday, will anything change compared to a non holiday work week considering my 7th day is already being paid at 1.5x due to the Holiday pay?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Robert. You would have to ask your employer how they handle this. Figuring overtime calculations into holidays is not a standard scenario.

  62. My coworker and I can’t agree on this , so maybe you can help…

    Our ambulance company used to be daily overtime (8h regular, half after 8hrs, double after 12h). Recently our company changed to a weekly overtime, after 40h. My question is do we get double time AFTER the 7th consecutive day (8h+) OR do we get double time AFTER working 12hrs on a shift? Note that we do 12-15hrs a day.

    1. Hi Eli,

      I’m not sure why the employer switched from daily overtime to weekly and so I’m not sure if you’re technically entitled to double time or not, but with weekly overtime rules, there is no provision for double time at all.

  63. I had a question regarding overtime, not sure if this is the right place to put it. I normally work Monday through Thursday 2-10pm, our work week starts on Sunday, this week I am working Sunday through Sat 2-10 each day, so 7 days in a row 56 hours total, I’m unclear on how a few of the overtime laws work and am just wondering how much overtime I’m entitled to, our owner who does the payroll works off site, and the manager here isn’t sure either.

    1. Hi Christian. There are two rules for double time. You’re not working 12 hours in a day so that one will not apply. You are working on the 7th day but not more than 8 hours on that day so, again, that rule won’t apply. You will end up with 16 hours paid at time and a half. I hope this helps.

  64. I’m on a 4/10 schedule and if I work 9 hours on the fifth day (Friday) is the one hour paid at double time.

  65. I worked from 2pm until 6am the following day. No breaks or lunch given. Eat while u work basically. Then had to return at 2pm the same day to work until 10pm.

    Is any of that double time?

  66. Calculate the basic pay of a person who worked for 52 hours at the hourly wage rate of $300 but the first three hours of over time are paid at a time and half of the excess are paid at double time rate.

  67. Please help! I’m in a tricky situation. Our pay period is April 1st to April 15th and the next pay period will be April 16th to April 30th. I am working April 11 Tuesday to April 15th (5 Days) Saturday, and April 16th Sunday to April 23rd Wedsnday in a row. I have been told it’s not overtime since the work period is Monday to Friday and then some. And also because the pay period is seperate. Am I entitled to overtime for working 9 days in a row?

    1. Overtime is calculated by the workweek so that is probably correct. For a Sunday – Saturday workweek, Tuesday – Saturday is 5 days and then Sunday – Wednesday is 4 days in separate weeks.

  68. I worked on a federal job 7 days 10hr days should I get double on sunday or it doesn’t matter if it’s a federal job.

  69. I worked Monday through Friday I have 43 hours and then I had to work Saturday and Sunday for 8 hours each day how many hours are time and half and are any double time

    1. If you never worked more than 12 hours in a day and you didn’t work over 8 hours on the seventh day, then you wouldn’t have any double time.

  70. i work six day 11 hour day total was 56.65 hours company pay 40 regular rest off time and half i work mon to sat that is my normal shift what sat i work 9.15 to 12.07 am should i get double time for that thanks please respond

  71. I’m just wondering if this law changed?? My husband use to work M-f total 40 hours if on any day he worked over 8 hours it was time and half and as soon as it went over 12 it was double time and when he worked on Sat it was time and half upto 8 hours and anything after that double time — and if he had to work on that Sunday as well, that Sunday was all double time and it looks as though things changed and that when an employee works 7 consecutively.

  72. I work 4 – 10 hour days. I occasionally can work an additional 10 hour day at 1 1/2 pay. At what point would could I get double pay?

  73. I work 47 hours in a week do u suppose to get this 7 hours overtime and he’s taking out federal tax out on me and I don’t get a check stub her wires my hours on a piece of paper as a matter of fact on a ticket when you place an order I’ve never got a check stub and when I file my taxes it don’t show no federal taken been taken out but yet in still he takes taxes out

  74. My last day off was May 19, it’s now June 2. We get paid bimonthly. I had 98.5 hrs and no overtime pay. Again, today was my 14th day in a row. Some days 5 hrs, some days 10-11. I also will not be getting a day off until June 6 maybe 7th. I’m also not granted the luxury of an uninterrupted meal period. What’s the deal?

  75. Hi, I’m a little confused and was looking for some helpful answers. I work 6 days at my job, Sunday being the first day of the work week and all I have are just Fridays off. I got message from my boss saying he was so understaffed that he didn’t mind paying the overtime if I could come in for a couple hours one Friday. After I had submitted my time card though I realized they changed my hours around and put my Saturday hours which were 1-4/4:30-8 on Friday and the couple hours on Friday 4:30-6:30 that I worked as my Saturday hours. Did my job change my hours on my time card so they would pay less in overtime??

    1. It’s hard to say without knowing the company’s workweek and without knowing your full week’s schedule.

  76. Ok my question is I worked from 9:30pm -10:30am I’m my getting pay 1:00 hour double time or ?

  77. Ok. I live in CA. What if I worked mon to thursday 8hrs shift but friday 4hrs, sat 8hrs and sunday 8hrs, would Sunday be considered double time or would half of sunday (4hr) be added to friday?? to total an 8hr work day which would be 40 hrs for that week and only
    Calculate The remaining 4 hrs as overtime

  78. I’m from ca
    We work 4 days 10 hour shifts
    And there was one day where we worked 15 hours
    And when I got paid
    The 3 hours of double time I had he put for only overtime
    Can he do that ?

    1. Without knowing your schedule and the company’s scheduled workweek, I can’t give an accurate response.

  79. I have a question if I work 70 hours per week which everyday I work 10 hours I do not get any days off at what point am I getting paid double time?

  80. If you have an employee work 6 hours (lets say 12am-6am) can you ask them to work another 6 hour shift later in the day, like 12pm to 6pm? We are a 24/7 place with one person on duty at a time. This is in California.

  81. I work in a hotel like 3-11:30 pm and the next day I have to comeback to work for 7am to 3:30pm.. is it legal? What time should I start then if 7amnis not allowed if you worked from last night n we call that back to back?

  82. Isnt overtime also any hours over 80 in a pay period ? I work 6 days a week and worked 92 hrs but only got 5 hrs of overtime.

  83. Monday 11hrs
    Tuesday 8hrs
    Wednesday 12hrs
    Thursday 12 1/2hrs
    Friday 8hrs
    Total 51 1/2hrs
    So I get 40hrs regular 8 overtime and 3.5 double time or 11.5 overtime???

  84. I live in Ca and the company that hired me is based out of Wisconsin. I am a field service tech so my job requires me to travel extensively many days inside and outside of Ca. Usually the work is in another state so I fly to other states, also they pay me per diem per current federal rates. But they only pay me time and 1/2 for any hours worked past 8 hours a day. So if I work 15 hours a day in Tennessee they only pay me time and 1/2 for anything past the reg 8 hours I worked. Should they be paying me doubletime for any hours worked in excess of 8 each day? I am being made to believe Ca overtime laws don’t apply to me because the company isnt in Ca. And also because I usually do work out of state. Even though I live in Ca. and pay Ca state and federal taxes. Can you tell me what is the law in this case? Thank you!

  85. I work two days at 16 hours and two at 9 hours and get paid overtime after 40 hours is this legal in California?

  86. My employer defines a work day as 12:01am to 12:00am. I (and several others) often work a double shift from noc into day. Noc is 11p-7:30a. Day is 7a-3:30p. So I end up working 15 hours in a company defined workday. I do not get double time. But I believe I should be getting 3 hours of double time. Is this correct?

    1. If you worked from 12am – 3:30pm, that’s 15 and a half hours of work. That time is all within one workday. Then you come into work on the same workday from 11pm-11:59pm. That’s about another hour. So that is 16.5 hours of work. There is definitely some double time if you’re in California.

  87. hello i live in ca. The work week is from Sat-Fri.
    I worked 56 hours from Mon-Friday.
    Mon- 12am-8am & 2:30pm-12am
    Tue- 12:30am-7am & 4pm-12am
    Wed- 4pm-12am
    Thur- 12am-8am
    Fri- 12am-8am

    I got paid overtime for Monday & Tuesday.

    I believe i should get paid overtime for Thur & Fri because of the 40 hours in one week rule, correct?

  88. Hi I am an LA County non-exempt employee and I have a union contract that does not specify anything about ether or not double time is paid. I have been working 15 hour days as well as 7 consecutive days averaging about 30 hours a week in overtime and have not been paid any double time. Are local government employees not covered under California law and only federal Overtime law?

  89. I work Friday to Sunday 12hr shifts and labor day is on a Monday would I receive holiday pay for the 6hrs worked on that monday morning? (Holidays are paid in our Company)

  90. My California company’s work day is 0000 to 2400 hours. They pay time and a half for worked holidays. I am scheduled to work 16 hours on Labor Day. Will the Ca. overtime laws take it to double time after 12 consecuitive hours of work in one work day?

  91. How would I calculate overtime and double time under the same company working two different job sites back to back totaling 16 hours a day for 6 days? I’ve asked so many people and can’t figure out how to calculate it Please help!!!??

  92. I worked 5 sundays straight Sunday threw Saturday 8 hours a day I get paid time in a half on Saturday and double on Sunday do I get paid triple if I work for the fifth Sunday please help

  93. Say a companys hourly employees hours for what would be 2 separate shifts for 2 different but consecutive days but calculates those hours for both days as if the total hours were worked on that first day
    For example sat shift is 1215am-515am
    And Sun same but an opportunity to come in an hour earlier comes up from 1115pm-1215am making the start time fall on the saturday because it is before midnight therefore the now 6hours worked total for sunday becomes added on saturday and total hours shows 11hours as 8 hours plus 3 hours OT
    which isn’t correct because OT is only supposed to be for any hours worked over 8 in one day and consecutively which in this case is not accurate.
    It gets even better or worse depending on who you are and how you look at it if an employee stays longer hours and the OT turns into DT
    But technically employee didn’t work any OT or DT but gets paid as if they did because of how the time punch system calculates hours this way

    1. Our service allows for this situation correctly. Either the day is split at midnight, or you can set a new time of day as the official ‘split time’. For instance, if you have an employee who works over midnight each day, you can set the day start time to noon, so any shift worked over midnight would be treated as a single shift, not split over 2 days. Or you can keep the day market at midnight and then the software would split the shift accordingly. It really just depends on your needs, if this is something you need help with, let us know and we’ll look over the problem you’re having.

  94. Hi there I get paid every two weeks n say a day with n the two weeks I work I do a double shift n it just so happen to fall on a paid Holliday I’m tryin to figure out how many hrs n a day I’ll b workin that I’ll get paid for it will b 14hrs n a day on that paid holiday but I still have like two days left n the week I know I’ll have overtime but I’m tryin to figure what my hrs will b all n total thanks

    1. Unfortunately I will not be able to answer your question because your pay will rely on your work’s overtime, holiday, and time off policy. I would suggest speaking with your supervisor to get this sorted.

  95. In California, we pay our employees DT if they work a holiday. If they work 6 days that week for a total of 48 hours, having paid the holiday at DT on one of the days, do we still owe OT for the 6th 8 hour day since we paid one earlier in the week at DT for the holiday?

  96. What I’m curious about is if I work 9 days in a row but they’re only four hour shifts do I get over time for it?

    1. The FLSA does not have any laws in regards to double time pay, which means that double time is completely up to your employer. There are some states that have double time laws, so you’ll have to check on your state’s laws to see what your rights are. Even with that, most employees earn double time after they work a full 8 hour shift; not after a 4 hour shift.

  97. I just finished my 29th day straight. Every week since February has been over 95hrs. There were only 3 days that I worked less than 13 hour shifts. But I’m not in California, so nevermind. U ppl are spoiled.

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