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How to Get Your Employees to Clock In and Out

As with any new routine, employees may find it difficult to remember to clock in and out. They may even rebel against it for a while. Thankfully, time will usually solve the problem but here are some tips to facilitate this process.

Tell Your Employees:

Timeclock is a time saver

Reassure employees that the new system isn’t in place due to lack of trust or disapproval. Explain that accurate, daily record keeping will make your life as a manager so much easier. Explain that the online timeclock adds up their hours and compiles them into handy payroll reports so that you don’t have to collect and add up the data by hand.

Timesheet info is accessed easily

Employees are usually pretty thrilled to have their actual timesheet data at their fingertips. They can view the current timesheet, see their accumulated hours, and view past reports all from their accounts.

Use a browser icon

On your employee’s computer set as the browser’s home page or drag an icon to the desktop.  This way they are reminded that they need to clock in as soon as they logon to their computer or pull up their internet browser.

Keep Timesheets Fresh

Even if you are not tracking time for payroll purposes, archive the time anyway to keep your employee’s timecards up to date. This gives the employee a sense that you are using the data. If your employees feel that the boss is not using their timesheet, they are less likely to accurately report their time.

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