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Ruby Tuesday Pays Big for Meal Break Violations

It’s always sad to see companies guilty of labor law violations, for one because workers rights are so important and two because the violations can be easily avoided.

The Attorney General’s Fair Labor Division launched an investigation of Ruby Tuesday’s labor law practices. Ruby Tuesday was found out of compliance with both the length of shifts of school aged teenagers as well as meal breaks for employees working more than 6 hours.

Ruby Tuesday was found guilty of these violations and will have to pay a $33,000 penalty for meal break law violations, plus an additional $125,000 for the child labor violations.

Tracking Meal Breaks

The Massachusetts Meal Break Law requires all workers to take a 30-minute meal break for any shift over 6 hours. During the 30-minute period, employees must be relieved of all duties and must be free to leave the premises.

It’s news like this that puts software like ours in the spotlight. is a service designed to give employers tools for keeping track of unpaid breaks and meal breaks. Managers can see in real time who is on the clock and how long they’ve worked. This manager’s home page can be a gauge for assigning breaks. Meal breaks can also be automatically deducted from the employee’s timecard which can help the employee take responsibility for his or her own break time.

In addition, each year we sell up to date labor law posters for each state to ensure our customers are aware of the laws. Please contact us to purchase one for your workplace.

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  1. I am from Pennsylvania they recently closed my restaurant for good. No severance was offered and I am owed 5 vacation days I was a general manager for almost 2 years am I entitled to this

    1. It looks as though Pennsylvania labor laws do not require employers to provide employees with severance pay. An employer would only have to provide severance pay if it’s in your contract. Unfortunately, most states don’t require severance pay or payouts, so it’s entirely possibly that Pennsylvania doesn’t regulate severances. I suggest speaking with your local labor board for more clarity.

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