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A Time Clock for Multiple Locations

When businesses grow and expand into multiple cities, record keeping depends on the use of efficient internet applications. Online services allow businesses to keep track of data online, in real time so that it’s accessible anytime by departments in different locations. Without these services, companies have to email records to the appropriate people, wait for reports to get delivered, and dig up old data on site. It’s a hassle and it slows down the work flow.

With, employees at any location can track their time online and the payroll processor at another location can compile reports for payroll or billing. Our software is designed for the flexibility that businesses with multiple locations need.

How It Works

There are some features that companies with multiple locations find useful. The system works just the same no matter where users are but there are some specific tweaks you can do to optimize it for your specific use.

Time zones

Users can have their specific time zones set so matter where people work, their time will always be accurate.

Location tracking

Employees who work in different locations or travel can be tracked on a map.

Account Codes

Employees who get paid different rates at the different locations they work in can be setup with those different rates using our “Account Code” feature.


Some companies like to setup departments with either a supervisor or administrator acting as the manager. It’s easy to run reports for the users under one manager.

Payroll processor’s email address

Reports can be delivered automatically to the payroll processor simply by setting up the email address in the system.

Online schedule

No matter where in the world users work, they can check their schedule online. Flexible sharing permissions allow the admin to setup who sees whose schedule.

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