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Employee GPS Time Tracking – View Locations On a Map

For businesses whose employees work outside of the office, keeping track of their locations can be a daunting task. At the end of the day you get job tickets that list their locations but sifting through those tickets and matching them up with actual timecards is just about too difficult to even bother with. You pretty much have to believe that employees are where they say they are and that their timesheets are accurate.

Thankfully, the days of written job tickets are over. Time spent on customer jobs is tracked online now and the employee’s location at those jobs for those customers are recorded along with them.

Online software like greatly simplifies the tracking process by making it visual.

Picture This:

An employee gets to a job site and clocks in on his phone. He selects the customer he’s working for, the specific work he’s doing at the location, and jots down some notes about it. He might do this several times during the day as he moves from job to job. A manager can view the day’s work from her laptop. She knows, instantly, how much and what type of work employees did, for whom, and where they were when they did it.

She can view a single employee’s day on a map, viewing all the punches at the day’s job sites. Or she can view their entire workforce on a map to further visualize the scope of progress for the day.

The following image shows the clock punches for one employee for the week. This helps her see if employees are really clocking in and out from the job sites or from somewhere else. There are so many ways employers can utilize this data; it all depends on the needs of the company.

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