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Snowman with thought bubble "am I getting paid for this?"

Do Employees Get Holiday Pay?

The holiday season is among us, which means that it’s the season for raises, bonuses, and more. A lot of employees have expectations this time of year because many employers provide extra …

Employee at conference table with laptop

Top Reasons Why Employees Leave Their Jobs

Employee retention is something that many businesses struggle with, and higher turnover rates come along with that. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics latest Job Openings and Labor Turnover Summary, approximately …

Graph of holiday plans

Guide to Giving Holiday Bonuses

Whether to give a cash bonus, how much to give, and whether there are alternatives are questions many entrepreneurs ask during the holidays. The bonuses that employers give at the end of …

Workers sitting smiling in a yoga pose

5 Reasons to Start an Employee Wellness Program

Contributed by Abby Drexler Without the distractions of illness, fatigue, and low mood, employees can do their best work. This, however, is not reality for many American employees who struggle with sleep …

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