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Travel Time & Mileage – Pay Them Both?

Paid travel time and mileage reimbursement are frequently confused topics. Some employers think they’re the same thing. Some think you don’t have to pay one if you’re paying the other. They are, …

mileage odometer

What You Need On Your Mileage Log

If you want to deduct mileage expenses on your taxes, you need to keep track of your mileage the right way. This means using a mileage log of some kind. The IRS …


Mileage Rate Drops for 2016

Editor’s Note: To view the mileage rate information for 2021, please go here. The IRS Standard Mileage rate changes each year based on gas prices and other factors. This year, the reimbursement …

an odometer in a car, showing the mileage of the vehicle

Mileage Reimbursement in California

The federal government does not require that employers reimburse for mileage. When employees pay for work-related expenses, the employer has no obligation to pay them back. (There are exceptions like when expenses …

Trade Labor Day for Extra PTO

Labor Day can be more of a hassle than it’s worth for anyone driving to or from a big city. Navigating into and out of it can take hours and for what? …

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