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an employee sitting at a desk with many hands around her, giving her tasks

How Much Does It Really Cost to Replace Employees?

Good employees are the champions of your business. Their uniqueness and skills bring special qualities that help your company prosper. It can therefore be difficult to lose these types of high-quality individuals …

Happy employee working on computer

How to Successfully Onboard a Remote Employee

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve either just hired a remote employee, or you’re thinking about hiring a remote employee. Just as you’d have to do with an in-office employee, you’ll …

Human Resources Manager Using Virtual Screen

How to Hire Remote/Virtual Employees

We live in a new age where nearly all office-based employees are working from home. There’s no question that telecommuting has grown tremendously in the past decade, but the coronavirus’ impact on …

4 Ways to Set Up Your New Hire for Success

Contributed by James Mitchell Congratulations! You’ve finished the extensive search for a new employee and are ready to start reaping the benefits of having qualified help at your workplace. No more sifting …

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