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Closing Payroll Early to Cover Holidays

Employee payroll needs to adhere to a regular payroll schedule. Employers can’t just pay their employees whenever they get paid from their clients and they can’t postpone payroll because they ran into …

168 hours in a week

What Is a Workweek Anyway?

A workweek has different meanings depending on who you talk to so it’s no surprise that business owners can get a little lost on the topic. The common definition differs from the …

Payday Requirements by State

Employers usually pay their employees on a weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly schedule. These schedule are probably not chosen at random, however, nor are they just a matter of convention. Employee paychecks …

Night Shift Workers Lose an Hour of Pay

Unless you’re a year-round night shift employee yourself, you may have never thought of this. Employees whose scheduled shift runs through 2am lose an hour’s pay at daylight savings time. It’s just …

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