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Supervisor Approvals for Timesheet Hours

by Peggy Emch

Multi-level organizations often require that supervisors review data before sending it up the ladder to be reviewed by higher management. This generally takes place in larger companies. Most small companies don’t require this.

Our time tracking software has the approval/review process built right into the software. This eliminates the need for a paper trail and ensures that higher management is properly informed that the review has taken place. Supervisors can review both hourly time for payroll and project time for billing and mark all or some records approved.

Approval Process

Clicking on the Approval link in the left menu for either project or hourly time, you will first select the date range, then you have the option to include all employees or narrow down your selection to an individual or a supervisor group. If you are approving project time, you could approve all the hours associated with your Projects, Customers, and Account Codes. If you are just approving time for payroll, the Account Codes are the only relevant option. You can review your results grouped by a few various options. Click to review the records and then click the final Approve button.

Reviewing Records

The person that runs the payroll and project reports will look for a green check mark beside the time entry like this:

On reports you’ll see YES entries in the Approved column like this:

If these are missing on any record, then that record did not get approved and likely needs attention. While it is usually easy to spot a NO in the column of YESs, or a missing check mark down the row of check marks, you can run a report on unapproved records. This report ensures that unapproved records do not end up getting paid or billed.

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