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Free Timesheet Calculator

If you’re not ready to make the switch from paper time tracking yet, that’s ok. Maybe you’re just more comfortable with paper than you are with computers. Maybe you don’t have the time to learn any new software. Or maybe you don’t think it would be cost effective.

Of course, I’d beg to differ on any of these points but, ultimately, it’s your call. If you want your employees writing down their time on paper, we’re not going to stop you, in fact, we’ll help you!

Adding up the hours on a timesheet can be tedious and leaves room for a lot of mistakes. Since we’re sticklers for accuracy around here, we created a time sheet calculator to help curb those errors.

While it would only take 10-30 minutes for one of our account managers to show you the ropes and you’d definitely be saving more in payroll than you’d be paying in monthly fees, if you meet all of the following conditions, paper time tracking might not be so bad:

  • Your employees are honest and don’t round in their favor
  • Your employees actually write in their time when they come and go (and not at the end of the week)
  • Your employees turn in timesheets on time
  • You aren’t billing clients and don’t need the accountability that goes along with an accurate system

That’s not to say that online tracking time wouldn’t be easier for all involved even under these circumstances…. Ok, I’ll leave you alone and just let you calculate your time. Enjoy the free time sheet calculator!

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