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Comparing Vacation Time Around the World – Infographic

by Peggy Emch
Taking time off

We all look forward to a break from work – a vacation that lets us relax and rejuvenate. However, in the US paid time off is not a given. Employers don’t have to offer time off. Even when they do, not all Americans use it all. And still some workers don’t completely disconnect during their vacation. Vacation time is lacking compared to the rest of the world. The US has the seventh least vacation days behind Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Canada, China, and Mexico.

Curious to see how much vacation employees get in other countries? The infographic below compares the vacation days (represented by dark blue bars) and holidays (represented by light blue bars) in 40 countries around the world.

To create this infographic, GetVoIP examined data from the OECD, Center for Economic and Policy Research, and International Labor Organization, as well as labor laws of the individual countries.

From their research, they found that in many corporate jobs around the world it is common to give public holidays off, even if not mandated by law. They factored these days into total vacation days, but marked the holidays not required by law with two asterisks (**).

Of all the countries, Brazil had the most days off, with 41 total mandated by law!

Vacation time around the world

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