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Feeling Overwhelmed? Streamline Payroll and HR With

Chasing down timesheets – AKA manual payroll processes – comes with headaches included. But it doesn’t have to be this way – not if you use

Key Takeaways

Endlessly wrestling with manual calculations can become a frustrating chore for human resource managers.

But times are changing. Automated tools like simplify processes so you can sail through monthly payroll with ease.

Automate for Accuracy

Does payroll have you wanting to pull your hair out? Payroll headaches vanish when you automate processes with‘s robust tools.

Errors disappear and efficiency skyrockets when you seamlessly integrate time punches and pay determination. Read on to see how automating the payroll process lifts heavy burdens.

Accurately Calculate Pay with Automated Tools

Sit back – the payroll calculator seamlessly handles everything for you. Just input the basic hours worked data and our system will automatically calculate each employee’s gross to net pay.

We compute overtime right. All applicable federal, state, and local taxes are determined and updated. Deductions for health insurance, 401K, and other benefits are factored in.

Our payroll solution perfectly calculates YTD amounts, payroll journals, and more. Accurate automated payroll processing is finally a reality. Say goodbye to headaches and wasted time!

Reduce Errors Through Validation Checks

We flag duplicate entries, missed punches, and other timesheet issues before they cause payroll problems.

Accuracy is crucial. Don’t let tiny timesheet errors trigger major payroll issues – our validation checks protect you.

When employees submit hours, our algorithms automatically scan for duplicate submissions, missing clock-in/out punches, exceeded shift times, and other common issues.

We catch and flag timesheet mistakes so you don't have to.

By catching timesheet errors upfront, we safeguard accuracy in downstream payroll processing.

Precise validation avoids incorrect pay and non-compliance fines down the road. That way employees get paid precisely what they have earned, paperwork trails remain intact, and managers avoid costly rework.

Our validation checks provide an extra layer of protection against miscalculated pay. Verify accuracy easily with

Boost Efficiency

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Simplify time management, explore features hassle-free in your trial period.

Analyze Labor Costs

Take out understaffing or lax management issues by pinpointing departments with rampant overtime.

Spot trends around holiday pay spikes that hurt your bottom line. Uncover timesheet inaccuracies that lead to overpayment. With data-driven insights, you can precisely target excess costs.

Monitor payroll costs in real-time and quickly address problem areas through data-driven labor planning and budget decisions. Accurate visibility makes for smarter planning.

Empower your business to make strategic staffing and scheduling moves that control labor costs, maximize work output, and improve your bottom line.

Let analytics guide your smartest business decisions.

Avoid Costly Labor Law Violations

It can feel impossible to keep pace with evolving labor laws regarding pay rates, overtime thresholds, time-off allotments, and required workplace policies. Slip up once and you face weighty fines or lawsuits.

Relax - our compliance engine acts as your perfect regulatory companion.

As laws change, so do our automatic workflows, notifications, templates, and reports. We run in the background so you remain covered.

Built-in compatibility rules track time policies, flagging any non-compliance around meal break duration, overtime weekly maximums, PTO expiration, and more.

You’ll get alerts when employees approach limits. Plus, documented policy acknowledgement and automated accrual bank updates mean no more scrambling.


Breathe easy knowing the rules and regulations are handled. Stay runner-ready for any audit with our detailed records.

Manage Overtime Pay Rules with Ease

Confusing overtime calculations resulting in non-compliance? Streamline pay rate determination and protect yourself. makes overtime easy. Our pay rule engine allows unlimited pay code combinations for shift differentials, dual job rate scenarios, and complex overtime requirements.

Quickly set up pay policies with our intuitive wizards – no manual number crunching needed.

The system automatically applies pre-configured rules during payroll execution. As employees punch hours, all backend calculations happen seamlessly, even as conditions change. Accurately run payroll can determine regular pay, daily/weekly overtime, alternative workweek pay, and more without the headaches.

Pain-free overtime configuration and compliance awaits!

Keep Immaculate Compliance Records

No more audit anxiety. Built-in blockchain ledgers create an orderly, accessible paper trail with ease.

When the compliance cops come knocking, scattered employee timesheets and policies make passing inspector reviews unlikely. Failed audits bring steep fines, not to mention damaged company reputation. builds compliance foundations to weather any audit storm. Our integrated blockchain technology immutably records all payroll actions, policy documentation, and manager approvals with timestamped trails.

Data remains perfectly organized so you can instantly access employee pay history, work records, acknowledgment agreements, and other regulator-requested documents.

No more frenzied pre-audit fire drills gathering paperwork. Compliance supervision is no sweat.

Feel excitement, not anxiety, for new program rollouts when flawless records reinforce your readiness!

Integrate Systems for Efficiency

Fragmented systems create frustrating breaks in your workflows. But integrating platforms promises the remedy, unlocking insights previously hindered by data silos and repetitive manual entry.

Sync Data Seamlessly Across Platforms

Kiss manual cross-platform data entry goodbye. Our deep integrations alleviate the headache so information flows automatically.

Duplicate data entry across your HRIS, payroll system, timekeeping solution, and accounting platform sucks up hours of frustration and risks accuracy with scattered information sources. What a nightmare! offers relief through deep, embedded integrations with 75+ of today’s leading systems.

Our seamless API syncs bi-directionally so data like employee profiles, pay rates, hours logged, PTO balances, and payroll results flow instantly across systems without painful manual exports or imports between platforms.

Leave the backend headaches in the dust with truly unified workflows.

Analyze Trends in Real-Time

Waiting for delayed reports leaves you reactive, not proactive. With instant data flows between systems, harness real-time analytics to unlock productivity and savings. Get ahead of the curve with integrated insights that keep operational costs in check.

Static monthly reports fail to tell the whole story, losing sight of emerging issues and opportunities. With‘s real-time data integrations, dynamic analytical dashboards reveal trends as they arise — like spikes in overtime hours or policy non-compliance incidents.

Get notified to shifting KPIs immediately, not a month later. Instant insight means nimble reactions — rapidly reallocate resources to balance workloads or motivate better attendance through peer competition.

Integrated analytics illuminate the path forward. When data flows freely between platforms, you gain a bird’s-eye view to spot problems brewing and drive just-in-time decision making.

Empower Employees

Micromanaging workplace processes strains relationships and smothers productivity. But empowered employees have space to own their availability, develop initiatives, and access information when needed.

Give Employees Ownership Over Timesheets

Enable workers to manage their own automated time tracking and reporting with‘s self-service access. This unburdens managers.

Configurable workflows automate approvals so managers simply handle exceptions, approving overtime or addressing flagged issues.

Give your team wings to own their availability. Employees access schedules, swap shifts, make time-off requests, keep employee work hours, and log hours with minimal oversight.

Give Employees Ownership Over Timesheets

Enable workers to manage their own automated time tracking and reporting with’s self-service access. This unburdens managers.

Configurable workflows automate approvals so managers simply handle exceptions, approving overtime or addressing flagged issues.

Give your team wings to own their availability. Employees access schedules, swap shifts, make time-off requests, keep employee work hours, and log hours with minimal oversight.

Liberating self-service gives valuable management time back while increasing employee empowerment and accountability.

Enable Transparent Payroll Views

Self-service pay transparency builds trusted teams.

When employees lack insights into pay rates and earnings details, gaps in perceived equity fester. This hurts morale and retention. Without transparency, staff grow skeptical, doubting compensation fairness.‘s self-service provides personalized access to pay data like job titles, pay rates, YTD earnings, deductions, taxes, overtime hours, and reimbursable expenses.

With on-demand visibility, employees gain evidence that compensation aligns to work output without needing to make awkward requests to managers.

Open access resolves skepticism, while blocking assumptions around favoritism or discrimination.

Strengthen teams with self-service pay transparency!

Streamline Time-Off Requests

Fluid time-off management fuels higher morale. Automate policy-driven accruals and requests for easy time-off administration.

Tedious PTO tracking spreadsheets and email chains waste too much time and frustration. Managers dislike hounding tardy request approvals as employees anxiously await decisions.

Eliminate the PTO pain with our automated time-off tools. Configurable accrual policies seamlessly allocate and update leave. Employees simply select dates and submit requests which route for automated approval based on policies. No nagging needed.

Notifications handle nearing expiration dates while visibility into balances and pending requests reduces uncertainties.

With streamlined PTO administration, free up hours formerly drained by cumbersome manual processes!

Unlock Productivity

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Transform your workflow with precision time tracking and boost productivity.

Gain Data-Driven Insights

Business decisions guided by gut instinct rather than data insights increase risk and limit potential. But with‘s thorough analytics, discover actionable visibility into workforce trends, overtime waste, absenteeism patterns, and more.

Finally get the context needed to optimize staffing allocations, reduce unnecessary labor spend, and boost productivity. Our intuitive dashboards transform payroll data into decision-ready intelligence.

Optimize Staffing Levels

Schedule smarter with data-backed insights. Precisely align worker supply to demand using our schedule metrics.

Getting the right staffing mix is a balancing act. Understaff, and employees burn out from overwork while service quality suffers from long queues. Overstaff, and unnecessary overhead eats into revenue. How can you meet fluctuating demand without waste?

With‘s intelligent dashboards, uncover granular visibility into hourly trends around customer traffic spikes, seasonal volume surges, and daily lulls. Then use metrics-driven forecasts to strategically align worker schedules week-by-week.

Achieve scheduling nirvana when you smoothly adapt staffing levels to usage patterns, eliminating under and over-coverage inefficiencies.

Confidently right-size departments and budget labor, and optimize service delivery backed by data.

Uncover Absenteeism Insights

In the dark on absenteeism trends that harm output? Leverage data visualizations to illuminate issues and opportunities.

Absenteeism decreases productivity while increasing costs when substitutes are hired and idle workers still get paid. But vague yearly averages mask why people miss work and when.‘s absence analytics add that clarity. Interactive dashboards filter trends by department, day/date, pay period, and employees.

Pinpoint peak summer Monday sickness? Drill-down whether its hourly staff calling out post-weekend.

Armed with visibility into absenteeism patterns, you can minimize idle costs through targeted solutions. Think flexible weekend schedules, attendance lotteries, cross-training floats, and improved shift transitions. Tracking marketing ROI with timesheets gives further insights into activity costs and payoffs.

Let data-driven insights reduce absenteeism! 

Benchmark Performance

Analytics turn vague goal-setting into concrete targets.

It’s hard to evaluate productivity and service levels without standardized benchmarks. Does 95% ticket closure rate seem adequate? How about 3-day incident resolution times?

With analytics, easily define and monitor performance metrics across locations and peer groups. Compare overtime rates vs. industry averages. Track SLA compliance trends over past quarters. View customer satisfaction trajectories next to rivals.

Benchmarking delivers concrete targets to replace vague aspirations. Motivate improvement through friendly competition. Identify laggards needing support and high-flyers deserving recognition.

Make every goal quantifiable and every review data-driven!


Endlessly chasing timesheets can become a frustrating chore. That’s where payroll software has your back.

As seen throughout this post, automated tools like streamline payroll, compliance, PTO, and other processes so you can sail through previously painful workflows with ease especially when time tracking for small businesses.

With sophisticated automation, say farewell to wrestling with manual calculations and deciphering absence trends.

Transform payroll from hours of monthly anguish into seamless execution. Integrate systems to unlock efficiency and real-time analytics that drive confident decisions and save money.

Lastly, empower your team by eliminating needless oversight through self-service access. Payroll with timesheets takes more off everyone’s back.

Take control of your workforce processes with, built for the modern, data-driven business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should salaried employees fill out timesheets?

Yes, while salaried employees receive consistent paychecks, tracking hours worked is still important for productivity analysis, project costing, billing, and compliance. makes it easy with mobile and time tracking software.

Who is responsible for tracking employee hours?

Typically a mix of employees, managers, and payroll administrators share this responsibility. simplifies hour and employee time tracking software, with easy tools for employees to log hours worked.

How do I keep track of my work hours and pay?

Manually tracking hours and figuring out your pay can be painful. automatically records hours worked, vacation time, and sick time and provides easy access to pay statements.

Are timesheets considered payroll records?

Yes, completed payroll timesheets documenting hours worked are critical records that should be securely retained. stores immutable timesheets using blockchain technology.

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