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Tracking time doesn’t have to be a timesink that bogs down your accounting workflow. can help streamline processes so you can focus on providing value to your clients.comes to the rescue!

Key Takeaways

As an accountant, comprehensive time tracking is mandatory for everything from client billing to compliance reporting. But generic tracking software for accountants often fails to meet the unique needs of accounting firms. provides tailored solutions for the critical time tracking requirements covered in this blog, including time tracking for lawyers.

Having purpose-built capabilities makes smoothly tracking billable time achievable. removes the typical friction points and compliance headaches around time tracking for small businesses, saving your firm hours every week.

Accurate Time Capture

Don’t waste your hours reconciling inaccurate time data. Our automatic time tracking, offline data capture, and actuals tracking deliver unparalleled accuracy, ensuring reliable numbers for client time and billing software. Say goodbye to manual processes that lead to erroneous data. leverages intuitive technology so your team captures precise real-time information without disruption.

The result? Water-tight data integrity across multiple projects and tens of thousands of billable hours, giving both accountants and clients full confidence when invoices are issued. Spend less time correcting mistakes and more time advising clients with

Automated Timers

Are employees forgetting to track time properly? Revenue leakage from uncaptured hours can have severe consequences in client-billing accounting firms. eliminates missed billable hours with intelligent automated timers.

Our automation detects activity across tools like QuickBooks, Asana, G Suite, and Office 365. Billable activity is precisely logged in the background without relying on employees to manually start and stop timers.

No more leakage from forgotten hours. Your team stays focused on task management without time tracking disruption. Our automated precision time tracker allows employees to maintain client focus rather than toggling timers.

The result? Every minute gets reliably captured for client billing needs. delivers the automated precision your firm needs, so invoices consistently reflect reality rather than estimates.

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Offline Data Capture

Our intelligent platform allows accurate tracking even without consistent internet access. Employees capture important billable work time and expenses while offline or disconnected. The data seamlessly saves locally, syncing automatically once online access is restored.

No more holes in capturing project activities that handicap client billing accuracy. Our air-tight offline functionality provides the flexibility dynamic accounting firms need. Whether dealing with poor network connections, remote employee travel, or technology failures, time tracking consistency persists. safeguards your revenue from connectivity consistency issues. Intelligent offline capabilities keep time tracking uninterrupted during internet drops, automatically reconciling when connections restore.

Actuals Tracking

Does your project tracking leave much to be desired? Tracking based solely on estimates fails to reflect work effort accuracy. delivers dynamic actuals and time tracking tools to expose what hours are truly spent across client projects.

Our automated capture logs precise actuals, automatically updating in real-time as work happens in integrated tools like Asana, Trello, QuickBooks, and more. No more waiting for manual updates that lag behind reality.

Actuals tracking surfaces the true time spent, allowing easy comparison to estimate projections. Uncover work effort accuracy by comparing estimate versus actuals:

Stop guesswork and eliminate estimate risk. surfaces actuals for confident client billing rooted in reality.

Flexible Reporting

Sick of trying to tailor rigid reporting templates to meet your client needs? Default tools force you into generic structures rather than serving customized insights. offers truly flexible reporting tailored specifically for accounting professionals and clients.

Custom Date Ranges

Flexible data parameters allow filtering time and reporting across any date range, not just static presets. Accounting professionals can analyze precision tracking insights uniquely tailored on demand.

Custom Fiscal Timeframes

Pull report data across date parameters aligned to your specific fiscal calendar. No restrictions to rigid month blocks. Any date range needed for custom fiscal years can be analyzed and exported.

Ad Hoc Reporting Needs

Do you need to create a one-off client report covering irregular project timeframes? Are auditors requesting non-standard reporting periods? Custom date configurations meet any ad hoc needs required with no limit on date range parameters. pulls insights across any time window needed, not just inflexible defaults. Our custom date range reporting allows firms to analyze tracking data tailored specifically to unique client fiscal needs upon request.

Automated Exports

Dynamic accounting firms need flexibility when automating insights to stakeholders. enables scheduled, automated report exporting to accelerate informed decisions.

Configure report templates for clients, auditors, or internal teams and schedule automatic exporting via email on recurring intervals. Tailor report parameters, custom fields, filters, and more ahead of time to ensure that delivered insights solve needs. Recipients get regular, automated updates rather than having to manually request exports.

Automation eliminates the manual hassle of fielding one-off requests, while ensuring accountability with scheduled report delivery on set intervals. Define reporting schedules annually, quarterly, monthly, or by custom durations unique to your specific tasks and stakeholder needs.

Stop the pain of repetitive, manual reporting tasks dragging down highest-value work. Automate expertly configured report exports through instead for everyone’s benefit.

Report Templates

Is custom reporting fueling firm inefficiencies? offers an oasis with report templates to standardize expertise.

Our platform allows for creating reusable report templates tailored to specific stakeholder needs just once. Then generate the expertly configured custom report on demand in one click rather than reconstructing each time.

Build templates with parameters like:

Save templates privately or share firmwide. Regenerate updated versions instantaneously when required rather than manual rebuild.

Report templates help standardize expertise for clients, auditors, and teams – configured once to accelerate insights thereafter. Say goodbye to repetitive template rebuilding each time.

Access Controls

What do you do when data leaks destroy your accounting firm’s integrity? Client confidence hinges on airtight access controls over sensitive tracking data. provides ironclad permission restrictions tailored for professional services firms to safeguard data visibility.

Permission Levels

Are generic access controls handicapping client data protections? provides configurable permission levels to strategically restrict visibility.

Designate granular access detailing precisely which data types users can view or edit. Permissions can be assigned enterprise-wide or uniquely per group:

Permission schemes adapt as internal roles shift or as client data sensitivity needs evolve over time, purpose-built for dynamic accounting firms rather than rigid one-size-fits-all platforms.

Strategically guard sensitive time and expense tracking data with tiered access leverage. bolsters client confidence through flexible permission levels tailored to your firm’s needs.

Define User Roles provides configurable user roles to strategically restrict tracking visibility and editing permissions according to internal positions.

Compliance teams have advised securing more siloed protections as we onboard higher-profile clientele. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, our platform enables tailoring tiered access rules across employee types. Certain data sensitivity requires need-to-know access by function.

Strategic Role Definitions

Easily define granular user roles with specific data access and permission allowances per each. Adapt roles dynamically as privacy needs evolve over time at an individual or departmental basis. allows moving beyond simplistic “admin” vs “standard” user distinctions. Strategically tier access, visibility, and functionality to each role’s requirements, designing controls around firm needs rather than rigid software limitations.

IP Restrictions

Configure allowable IP address ranges permitted to access sensitive time and expense tracking data. Employees accessing accounts outside designated ranges like public WiFi or foreign countries can trigger automated system lockouts. Optional two-factor authentication adds another layer of verification when logging in.

Bulletproof your cloud access against exploitation with tools purpose-built to serve accounting firms. Comply with insurance provider and auditor security requirements through configurable IP restrictions down to street addresses. strengthens data protections where it matters most – at the login source. Combined with granular user permissions, gain airtight command over tracking data visibility.

No more loosely guarded platforms allowing unlimited backdoor access. Defend against data exploitation through IP access controls.

Data Security

Client data is the lifeblood of accounting firm integrity and trust. Yet cloud platforms pose massive vulnerabilities including leaks, exposures, and cyber threats that erase client confidence overnight. provides multilayered security built to serve the immense data protections needs of accounting professionals.


Back everything up with We leverage high-grade 256-bit AES encryption that automatically secures sensitive data both at rest and in transit. We envelop transported tracking data with encrypted barriers as protection against man-in-the-middle attacks.

Server-side encryption obscures stored application and time tracking data at rest as well, rendering it unusable even if bad actors accessed the physical hardware.

Unlike platforms relying solely on HTTPS, we give you multilayered encryption, wrapping sensitive client data both for transportation and idle storage.

Tracking insights and personally identifiable information remains fully secured from start to finish across our compliance-driven platform architecture. locks down client data end-to-end so accounting professionals can reinforce the integrity and discretions clients demand in the modern cloud era riddled with growing threats. Encryption provides an immutable safeguard for sensitive data entrusted to accountants as gatekeepers.

Access Audit Logs

Do you worry over malicious data manipulation with no visibility? provides robust data access audit logging to expose unauthorized changes or incidents.

Detailed logs automatically track all user and system-wide activity across the platform, monitoring:

Review granularly filtered audit history to rapidly surface risks or troubleshoot issues on demand. Enable real-time alerts for high severity events requiring immediate investigation.

With expansive audit logging and analysis, no longer blindly risk data integrity threats going undetected until too late. access logs provide 24/7 transparency guarding tracking data authenticity.

SOC 2 Certified undergoes rigorous independent SOC 2 audits annually to evaluate platform security, availability, and confidentiality controls according to strict assisturance standards.

The intensive audits validate effectiveness in processes including:

Earning SOC 2 compliance demonstrates that our security foundations meet the immense data protection needs of compliance-driven industries like accounting. provides assurance of diligent control self-auditing.

By partnering with a SOC 2 secured platform, firms tangibly reinforce discreet handling of sensitive tracking data to clients. Meet data oversight expectations with ironclad standards compliance.

Automated Backups

Don’t lose sleep over data disaster recovery vulnerabilities. Accounting integrity relies on fail-proof protections, not platitudes. delivers steel-plated resilience through automated nightly database and files backups at geographically dispersed data centers.

Our platform performs comprehensive daily backups, allowing restoration to any prior date if catastrophes occur. Point-in-time recoverability limits potential lost tracking data to less than 24 hours. Backups replicate to separate availability zones to prevent region-wide failures from disrupting continuity.

Bulletproof disaster recovery enables firms to definitively assure clients that essential tracking data remains retrievable in the face of malicious attacks or natural disasters. Move beyond theoretical security patchworking and enable guaranteed protections. delivers fail-safe data resilience tailored for accounting integrity needs.

No more crossed fingers hoping ad hoc protections suffice. Automated backups facilitate guaranteed tracking data resilience.

No more crossed fingers hoping ad hoc protections suffice. Automated backups facilitate guaranteed tracking data resilience.


Get future-proof tracking scalability to accommodate surging data demands with We equip rapidly-accelerating accounting firms with limitless scalability to unlock growth unconstrained by technology ceilings.

Unlimited Users

Scalability ceilings severely hinder accounting firms’ acceleration – but provides unlimited user support.‘s cloud-native architecture ensures seamlessly scaling up time and expense tracking demands as your accounting firm grows without hiccups.

Our platform dynamically handles surges in:

No degradation in performance means no interference servicing rapidly-expanding client needs at pace. We deliver easy expansion accommodating 5x to 50x more tracking data volume without migrations.

Foster enterprise growth by partnering with the inherently flexible foundation of Go beyond shallow vendor claims and ensure scalable architecture at infrastructure level.

Onboard additional employees, freelancers, or teams without worry of maxing out rigid per user licensing models. Expand without inhibitive price hikes from user tier thresholds. Unlimited support empowers ballooning firms or spikes in seasonal contractors.

Stop stunted trajectory from tracking walls hitting too early. delivers uncapped, enterprise-grade scalability ready for accounting firms to quickly build momentum without platform constraints interfering.

Go beyond shallow vendor claims and ensure scalable architecture at infrastructure level.

Custom Fields & Views

Static platforms hamstring accounting firms that rely on tailored data points for unique billing and reporting workflows. offers flexible custom field creation for limitless data tracking customization aligned to specialized business processes.

Track Custom Data

Does your time tracking fail to capture key specialty data parameters? The absence of crucial client codes or billing numbers on reports severely impairs accounting integrity and confidence. enables defining unlimited custom fields to align tracking with core business data needs missing from conventional software.

Expand data tracking versatility to fulfill specialized accounting workflows requirements:

With limitless custom fields tailored to your processes, ensure no gaps between platform tracking capabilities and business intelligence essentials exist. Accurate client project reporting relies on capturing precise factors outside cookie-cutter assumptions.

Personalized Views

Generic reporting fails transparent specialty data insights. has personalized tracking data views filtered on custom criteria for specialized accounting and client needs.

Beyond standard tables, configure tailored dashboard views highlighting custom field priorities:

Personalized views aligned to business-critical tracking factors provide focused insights over one-size-fits-all data. Custom configurations allow different visibility by employment role as well.

With customizable fields and views capabilities, reporting removes blind spots and exposes specialized tracking data. Serve specific client informational needs over generalization.

Branding & Whitelabelling

Fragmented interfaces severely degrade professional credibility. enables fully-customized branding, logos, and URL whitelabelling for a seamless accounting platform experience that clients trust.

Completely match tracking interfaces to your brand style guide requirements by inserting logos, matching color palettes, updating fonts, and customizing the URL.

Present a unified customized portal under your brand for enhanced credibility. Whitelabelling consolidates otherwise disjointed dashboards that clients struggle to adopt. With tailored user permissions, customize visibility by employment role or access level as well.‘s whitelabelling maintains consistent professional branding that builds client confidence. Streamline technology under one customized accounting interface.

Ad-hoc Reporting

Unpredictable reporting needs cause headaches. enables swift creation of custom tracking data reports tailored to any ad-hoc request – no reliance on rigid templates.

Our flexible reporting facilitates instantly pulling customized insights with specific parameters like date ranges, filters, granularity, and formatting aligned to the use case. Easily configure one-off reports for auditors, clients, or managing partners without constraints.

Save uniquely configured ad hoc reports for future regeneration or one-time client requests without relying on rigid templates. Custom reports facilitate scenarios such as:

Never struggle with misfit templates again just to view tracking data from the proper lens on demand. With adaptable custom reporting capabilities, renders tracking insights instantly specific to the sporadic operational needs of dynamic accounting firms.

Effortless Time Management
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Automated Notifications

Are generic alerts inadequate for specialty accounting needs? provides customizable triggered notifications aligned to your tracking data requirements.

Configure alerts for key custom events like threshold breaches to safeguard budgets. Automate status communicates tailored to stakeholder needs.

Custom Threshold Alerts

Design automated alerts that trigger email notifications when key tracking data meets conditions like excessive hours or budget overages. Customize thresholds to fit project or client tracking factors.

Automated Project Status Updates

Schedule recurring email notifications with dynamic tracking data report attachments on designer intervals to update project owners, clients, or other stakeholders automatically.

With automated custom notifications and reporting tuned preciously to data triggers and factors imperative for accounting services, easily maintain continual communication touchpoints scaled across the firm.

Notifications & Reminders

Silently waiting for stakeholder status requests throttles project visibility. transforms scattered productivity blockers into automated custom accounting workflows with triggered alerts, reminders, and status communicates tailored to each tracking data need.

Timesheet Approvals

Tailored to your accounting needs, automates confirmation workflows with configurable approval requests.

Design customized automatic reminders for outstanding approver actions to maintain compliance with no babysitting required. Clearly designate approval hierarchy rules aligned to internal policy needs rather than adopting disjointed approval paths cross-departmentally.

Supervisors can authorize timesheets or expense reports with instant mobile notifications facilitating rapid confirmation conveniently for billing clients on the go. No more productivity lag awaiting approver paperwork backlogs just to bill client projects.

Automated multi-tier approval chains allow teams to focus on highest-value work rather than administrative tie-ups. Streamline necessary oversight procedures with configurable workflows personalized precisely to accounting management requirements. Recapture hours lost courting manager signatures manually.

Easy Expense Tracking

Important categorical spend gets lost while tangled Excel uploads fall short of ensuring policy compliance. Speed up cumbersome expense tracking with automated workflows aligned to accounting approval needs.

Snap & Upload Expenses

Are typing expenses manually sapping productivity? enables instantly snapping photos of receipts for automated categorization, extraction, and reporting. No more squinting at crumbled restaurant receipts to log costs.

Our mobile apps facilitate expense tracking on-the-go with GPS coordinate tagging:

Seamless receipt capture fuels real-time visibility into expenditure streams from anywhere instead of forgotten paper piles. Automation extracts key data saving accounting teams hours weekly over cumbersome manual typing.

Give employees convenient tools for fast field expense tracking while ensuring centralized compliance.‘s mobile receipt capture transforms policy adherence from afterthought to effortless.

Match To Receipts

Strict expenditure policies demand actual proof beyond expense descriptions. provides automated matching of uploaded receipt images to corresponding logged costs for undisputed documentation.

Require photograph uploads that check off key policy requirements by validating itemized merchant receipts, dated credit card exports, and costs falling within current periods.

Configured expense types can mandate receipt attachment prior to approval routing. Auditors can easily verify reported charges as needed through attached digital copies.

Move beyond expense summaries to true validated proof of purchase. receipt matching capability strengthens expenditure integrity with documented audit trails for each programmatic cost.

Budget Tracking

Is rogue spending derailing project budgets? enforces real-time visibility into expense costs against pre-defined budgets to expose overages threatening bottom lines.

Configure custom budgets by client, project, department, or various custom tracking fields. Alert notifications automatically trigger at threshold percentages like 80% or 100% to prevent surprise overspend.

Detailed reporting allows drilling into expenses by vendor, employee, category, and time period against allocation. Easily identify trending risk areas as percentages track in real-time aligned to approvals.

With configurable budget guardrails tailored specifically according to accounting oversight needs, reign in excessive spending before small cracks sink budgets. Automate accountability infusing discipline into expenditure tracking.

Categorize Expenses

Get your ducks in a row with, which auto-categorizes logged expenses based on merchant names for rapid classification into accounting codes.

Easily tailor valid expense categories and corresponding general ledger account mapping:

Auto-classification accelerates accurate categorization while avoiding human error. Default mappings simplify employee spend logging while enforcing accounting coding compliance.

Categorization feeds directly into custom reporting on expenditure analysis by relevant categories. Properly classify every expense with auto-mapping tools purpose-built for accountants.

Mobile Apps

Mobility is tablestakes for dynamic accounting teams. Yet clunky mobile access strangles productivity for on-the-go managers and remote employees. But gives you full-featured native iOS and Android apps to unchain project oversight and accelerate approvals from anywhere.

Offline Mode

Offline mode means no more data gaps or productivity lags for field accounting teams on client visits or between office WiFi access points. Sync flexibility is specifically essential for teams regularly on the move meeting clients.

With robust offline support for mobile time tracking, equips the 24/7 realities of a dynamic accounting firm’s workforce. No disruption to tracking momentum or losing receipts.

GPS Tracking

Discover simplified tracking on mobile apps that automatically tag location coordinates with time and expense entries via GPS.

Seamlessly log location specifics like client meeting destinations or trip data based on exact geo-positional history:

Mapping integration allows for visually reviewing employee routes and mile use efficiency. GPS cements reliable digital trails for attendance and business travel monitoring required in many accounting firms.

Automate coordinating location data points with granular mobile activity, removing reliance on manual user precision prone to exaggeration or forgetfulness.

Mobile Mileage


Our mobile apps empower simplified business travel reimbursements with location-validated data. Auto mileage totals calibrated to roads travelled, rate configurations by vehicle type, and exportable reports attributing routes to clients.

Skipping manual recordings means no more guessing miles approximation – or employees artificially inflating numbers for personal gain. Automated mobile mileage tracking brings reimbursement integrity.

With location-verified logs, maintain cleaner automation around expense reporting and prevent policy abuse enabled by estimation gaps. GPS visibility and configurable rates fuel accuracy.


Accounting software chaos strangling your tech stack? consolidates fragmented systems into a centralized productivity hub integrating 50+ applications used by modern firms. Leave the IT headaches behind.

API & Zapier offers open API and Zapier integration to connect our platform bi-directionally with hundreds of other niche apps that are essential across modern accounting tech stacks.

Build custom integrations using our REST API to transfer data between specialty systems leveraged firm-wide like: 

For lightweight connections, our Zapier integration enables quickly configuring triggers to automate data sharing with popular programs like Mailchimp, Slack, Google Sheets and more.

Accounting Systems

Don’t let mission critical systems get stuck in silos. unites accounting technologies into a centralized productivity powerhouse. Deep payroll, billing, ERP, and practice management integrations consolidate data spreads.

Embedded bi-directional sync with platforms like QuickBooks Online, Xero, Dynamics, SAP Concur, and Deltek empowers unified workflows through single data entry across shared reporting and navigation, as well as joint notifications and alerts.

Unite productivity fractured across the essential accounting stack tech ensemble. Consolidate workflows through the platform agnostic hub spotlighting patterns across data previously isolated. Increase cross-functional collaboration without manual handoffs between platforms.

Stop the context-switching churn hampering accounting teams that rely on disjointed systems. Harmonize technologies into a centralized hub with‘s cross-platform integration.

Payroll Partners

Payload is wasted within disjointed time and payroll management systems. embedded bi-directional sync consolidates hour tracking directly into leading payroll platforms like Gusto, BambooHR, Workday, Rippling, and more.

Automations jointly connect labor investment data to compensation without tiresome manual transfer:

Bridging data gaps enhances compliance between recorded work hours and payroll outputs while optimizing firm financial health. Unite time and payroll to elevate workforce productivity.

Sync lock between hours users, payroll processors, and billing systems reinforces accounting integrity with transparency across previously disconnected systems. Compliance risks plummet. Auditability soars.


Streamline cumbersome manual processes with so you can focus on providing value to clients instead of fighting systems. Automate repetitive tasks while ensuring accuracy. Simplify compliance requirements with ease. And eliminate the distractions of disjointed technologies.

Empower your firm and employees to elevate accounting for the digital age. Don’t let your time tracking tool remain an antiquated chokepoint to productivity and insight. Streamline workflows with today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do accountants track their time?

Accountants use software like to track billable hours while providing deep visibility into utilization for billing, project management, and resourcing needs. Integrations of the best time tracking software with accounting systems and mobile support are essential to help streamline the time tracking process for accountants, enabling them to focus on serving clients.

What is a time sheet in accounting?

A time sheet is a document used in accounting that records all billable hours worked and associated activities towards projects, clients, or administrative tasks on a daily or weekly basis. Time tracking tools like can automate and validate time sheets directly in accounting systems while providing more advanced features for reporting, approval flows, and custom configurations tailored for accountants. (Free time tracking software often doesn't provide these.)

How do accountants keep track of expenses?

Accountants leverage expense tracking software like to record costs from credit cards, submit claims, match receipts, build reports, and route for approvals. Centralized solutions help accountants enforce budgets, policies, categorization, and coding while integrating natively into accounting systems. Mobile apps further facilitate fast, accurate capture, and approvals from anywhere.

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