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Convert Overtime to Comp Time

Many business owners like to convert overtime to comp time both to save money and to give employees an optional benefit, but beware; this practice might get you into trouble.

Do Vacation Hours Count As Overtime?

Do vacation hours count as overtime? This is a common question among employers and employees alike. If an employee takes 8 hours of vacation or PTO on a week where he works …

Protect Yourself From Overtime Lawsuits

The number of overtime lawsuits has risen dramatically in recent years – nearly 400% in the last two decades according to a post at the Baltimore Business Journal. It’s usually the multi-million dollar …

You Can’t Make Up Your Own Overtime Policies

At, we often get calls from customers who want help setting up “custom” overtime rules. We’ve heard the gamut of creative “overtime policies”. While having multiple pay rates is fine for …

When Does an Employee Get Double Time Pay?

Federal law has no provision for double time pay (see statement), but California law does. State labor laws add to Federal labor laws so that they can provide additional protections for workers. …

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